Meet LT Casting Model Rowena

Tech expert Rowena moved to the United States from Malaysia in 2013. She loves wiffleball, uncluttered closets and experimenting with styles outside her comfort zone. Over to…

Meet LT Casting Model Larianne

Wife, mom of two and wedding/portrait photographer in New York, when Larianne isn’t taking photos, she’s most likely crocheting, singing or dancing at home! Over to her…

LT Casting: Meet our Models

Introducing the 3 members who’ll star in our upcoming campaign

LT Casting: Behind the Scenes

A Q&A with the Sara D, Director of Photo and Harriet C, Marketing Coordinator


We want to feature YOU in our summer campaign!

Le Tote & You: Meet Molly Coe

Meet Molly Coe. Legal consultant, matcha addict and champion hula-hooper. When she’s not at work, she’s at yoga, honing her roller skating skills or binge watching The…

10 Insider Tips to Get the Most out of Le Tote

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