Meet LT Casting Model Rowena

Tech expert Rowena moved to the United States from Malaysia in 2013. She loves wiffleball, uncluttered closets and experimenting with styles outside her comfort zone. Over to her for more. 

What do you love most about Le Tote?

I love that it allows me to maintain a sustainable, minimal lifestyle without giving into fast fashion. I also love that my closet is uncluttered! With the basics I currently own and the fun choices I receive from LeTote, I am always good to go! 

How does the service empower you?

I tend to stay within my comfort zone but with Le Tote, I try to select styles I never had the courage to try on before, like that off-shoulder top or that jumpsuit. Just by having the courage to put on something different to start my day, inspires me to live a little outside the box. Le Tote also empowers me to break away from the burden of an overwhelming closet that needs to be Marie Kondo-style every now and then. Read: No more trips to Goodwill with giant bags!

Tell us more about your passion for sustainable fashion. 

There are few things I feel as strongly about as my commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. We cannot keep dumping clothes, getting new ones and expecting that there are “people in need” who would want our old, tattered clothes. There are plenty of documentaries that show how our world is in surplus of clothes, how it gets shipped to the poorest countries and eventually, even the poorest are in excess of clothes that they have to burn them to get rid of the waste. It is time that we minimize our stuff, and be more innovative in the way we go about things. Le Tote has been the forefront of moving my mission forward, and helping me take small steps to reducing waste. I love it when people ask me, “Where did you get that?” and I can answer with: “I’m renting it”. 

What were some of your biggest takeaways from the LT Casting event? 

This is what I learned: You should put yourself out there, you never know what you’re going to get but at least you tried. During the casting, I was going through some hard times. I lost my job and I lost both of my grandparents in the span of 3 months, I didn’t have much to pick myself back up. I decided to apply for the casting as a way to distract myself from reality for a minute. And for one evening, I was nervous, scared, happy, vulnerable, proud all at once. I’ll never forget that I came away with renewed perspective and encouragement to keep trying new things. I also signed up to try improv, something I have always wanted to do, after the casting experience!

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