LT Casting: Behind the Scenes

A Q&A with the Sara D, Director of Photo and Harriet C, Marketing Coordinator

Every day at Le Tote, we’re inspired by our member community. Our mission: Empower our members and help all women feel beautiful and included. When we were thinking of ways to celebrate our members and include them in our story’s narrative, the answer was right in front of us — give members a chance to become our models.

A nationwide casting call was announced and we received hundreds of applications. Powered by partners like Allure Beauty Box and Scout Model Agency (who also signed the chosen members), we kicked off LT Casting at our home office in San Francisco, followed by events in New York City and Chicago.

To find out more, we chatted with Sara D, Director of Photo and Harriet C, Marketing Coordinator. Excerpts from a conversation... 

Sara, can you tell our readers about the creative inspiration for LT Casting?

It all began when we were thinking of new ways to engage with our members. We wanted to promote the diversity of age, race and body shape within our customer base. The idea was to celebrate our members and build a campaign around inclusivity, and that’s how LT Casting was born.

Harriet, from a marketing perspective, what did LT Casting want to achieve?

Our goal was very clear — deliver on our values as a company by walking the walk. At a time when the average person is exposed to 10,000 brands a day (yes, it’s true!), we share the collective responsibility of making sure that the message we send out into the world is authentic. We wanted to be part of a conversation that empowers women, giving them a voice and confidence, and LT Casting happened to do all that and more.

What was your biggest takeaway from the casting events?

S: For me, it was the reminder of the value of Le Tote in our members’ lives. Our brand is a tool for women to feel confident in their everyday lives. Women all over the country use the service through various stages of their lives — from their body changes to finding that perfect outfit for a job interview. I always knew our members loved the service but to hear the stories firsthand and experience the joy that the brand brings to their lives was something else.

H: I was overwhelmed by the strength of character and confidence of our amazing members. None of the ladies are professional models, but they were elegant, spoke proudly about themselves, what they stand for and how they feel their best. Some were mothers who wanted to inspire their children and show them that anything is possible and some wanted to represent their culture and ethnicity or body shapes in the fashion industry. They all had one thing in common — the fact that they showed up and chose to empower themselves through vulnerability and courage.


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