LT & You: Rachell W

Meet Rachell W.

Meet Rachell Weiss, winner of the Le Tote Style Network Referral Program. With 232 sample tote referrals under her stylish belt, this Kansas City resident along with her husband Brian was flown down to Le Tote’s San Francisco HQ for a weekend full of fashion, food and fun. Find out more below.

What do you love most about the service?
That feeling of a rotating closet! I love that I can look put together and professional everyday. Le Tote helps me step out of my comfort zone to rent things I usually wouldn’t wear. The best part of having this membership is the confidence that it gives me to rock all these amazing outfits.

Has Le Tote changed the way you think about shopping or getting dressed?  
Absolutely! Le Tote has made things so much easier for me, especially when I was switching careers from teaching to corporate training and also when I was going through major weight loss. As my size changed, I rented garments that I felt confident and comfortable in. I really don’t shop at stores anymore (so good for my bank account!) and I still get to try all the latest trends without buyer’s remorse.

What was your favorite part about the Style Network Referral Program?
The Facebook group that I was a part of. It was amazing to be in a group with women who have the same style and body type as me. Seeing their outfit pictures and reading their reviews made me rent things that I wouldn’t normally! Connecting with fellow members is always a good thing and then the trip to San Francisco was the icing on the cake.

What drove you to refer so many people? What was the incentive?
I wanted to refer people to Le Tote because the service is so unique for the fashion and apparel industry. I wanted friends and family to try a tote and see for themselves why I love Le Tote so much. People always compliment my outfits at work, so when they heard I rented my clothes, my coworkers would get so intrigued.

What is the one thing you would say to someone who has not tried Le Tote?
Definitely give it a try! Le Tote gives you the opportunity to expand your wardrobe. It’s like shopping but without breaking the bank! It’s always fun to style your own totes and exciting to try on the clothes when your box arrives.  


The photoshoot was so much fun! I didn’t realize how much work goes into taking a photo — the angles, timing, lighting... My husband was there with me and we were able to take pictures together for our 10-year anniversary. That was special for both of us.

Finally, what were the highlights of your trip to  San Francisco?
Oh, so many! Brian and I really enjoyed the city, meeting with the entire Le Tote team, experiencing new things and spending time together. I have always been fascinated with the Golden Gate bridge but biking across it on our electric bikes was out of this world.The Segway tour of the city was great — I’ve never been on one before and I managed not to fall on my face! But our dinner with the CEOs at August 1 Five was definitely the highlight. It was our first time eating Indian food and it was one of the best meal of our lives.



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