10 Insider Tips to Get the Most out of Le Tote

At Le Tote, our mission is to make fashion accessible for everyone, every day. A big piece of our story is to help empower women all over the country to buy less and wear more. Here’s a list of tips we put together to help you get even more of out of your experience.  

Keep your style profile updated
The more information you share in your style profile, the better we are able to style you. Your size information, the silhouettes, brands, colors, trends…. we like to know it all.  

Bookmark your fashion favorites
When you browse our selection, click the heart icon to bookmark looks you like. Treat it like your personal mood board and always keep it fresh and updated because when we style your tote, these are the pieces we prioritize.

Flexible shipping address
Full disclosure: We are big fans of traveling light. If you are traveling with your tote, remember to take your return slip along so you can drop it off in the mailbox at the end of your trip. Did you know that you can also edit your shipping address to get your tote shipped to your travel destination anywhere within the US?

Use the Style Share feature
Scroll through our member photo gallery on the product description page to check out how an item looks in ‘real life’. This is especially helpful if you are unsure about what size you should get (we share what item size LT members are wearing) or if you need styling inspiration. And while you are it, don’t forget to upload your own pictures to share with the LT community.

Tote Swap smart
Tote Swap is like ‘shopping’ but better. Expertly-curated collections by our team of merchants, classic workwear edits, seasonal spotlights, your ‘favorite’ pieces and a special section of personalized suggestions go hand-in-hand in contributing to that exhilarating tote swap feeling.

Sort by filter
We recently introduced filters to better your LT experience. Customizing your tote and browsing our inventory is easier than ever, In addition to sorting by clothing and accessory type, you can further filter our inventory by occasion, weather and color. We have also launched size and brand filters on the desktop and web, these new filters are making their way to your app soon. Your new fashion favorites are just a tap away!

Take your time to finalize your tote
Daily new arrivals and totes being returned to our warehouse on a frequent basis result in a constantly-rotating inventory. Browsing through hundreds of brands and thousands of styles takes a while too and that’s why we have extended the tote swap window to tote 7 days. Now you don’t have to rush finalizing your tote in the first 48 hours. Check frequently to see what’s become available during the course of the week and take the time to find your perfect items.
The best part? We save your tote swap progress! The items you select during tote swap will be saved until you confirm your tote.

Rating your tote is everything
Rating your tote is the key to an elevated LT experience. Make it a habit to rate your totes because that’s how we understand more about your style and the nuances of how you like your clothes to fit.

Use Tote Checkout for instant purchases
Purchase your favorite LT pieces directly using the Tote Checkout feature. If you currently have a tote at home, just hit ‘Select Items to Buy’. Also, think of this as your one-stop shop for best deals, awesome sales and purchase rewards.

Have fun with fashion!
The biggest perk of a Le Tote membership is all that fashion fun that comes along. Experiment.  Test drive trends. Mix it up with unexpected colors and silhouettes.Shake things up, because there’s no such thing as renter’s remorse!


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