10 insider tips to get the most out of Le Tote

That amazing feeling when you always have something new to wear. The ease of trying trends you’d never buy and those non-stop compliments. We know how much you love Le Tote, and with these tips, you’ll get even more out of your experience.

Keep our style profile updated
The more detailed information you provide in your style profile, the better we style you. From the silhouettes you like to wear to the names of the brands you love, we like to know it all.
Note: If you said no to a particular trend (say ruffle tops) and then changed your mind later, remember to go back and edit your profile. 

Give us your size details
Every brand fits differently and even though we firmly believe that size is just a number, we do recommend you share all of your size information. This helps us learn your ideal fit, in turn providing smart size recommendations — two key factors for an elevated LT experience.

Traveling? Edit your shipping address
Full disclosure: We are big fans of traveling light. On that note, did you know that you can get your tote shipped to your travel destination anywhere within the US by simply editing your shipping address? Ditto for returns, just drop it off in the mail after your trip. PS: If you’re ever missing your return label, it’s only a click away in your account.

Bookmark all your fashion favorites
See that heart icon when you browse the selection? Click it to start bookmarking all your favorite looks. Treat it like your personal mood board, keep it fresh and updated because we prioritize these pieces while putting together your tote.

Take advantage of Style Share
This feature is exceptionally helpful if you are debating how a certain piece will look in ‘real life’. Scroll through our gallery on the product description page for styling inspiration from fellow members. And while you are it, don’t forget to upload your own pictures to share with the LT community. 

Tote swap smart
Sort by clothing category (Dresses, Tops, Pants, Sweaters, Jackets, Skirts, Jumpsuits and Shorts) and accessory category (Bracelet, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Belts, Scarves and Handbags), by color or per occasion (Casual, Athleisure, Event, Business Casual, Professional, Going Out and Resort). Finding your new favorites has never been easier — or more fun!
Note: Not finding what you are looking for? Since our inventory is constantly rotating, check back to see if more things becomes available. You have 48 hours to confirm your tote and the best part? We save your tote swap progress!

Plan your tote per your calendar
Big week of meetings or wedding weekend, smart women don’t buy outfits for events, they just rent! Next time you’re up for tote swap, have a look at your month’s calendar and swap in accordingly. 

Rating your tote is everything
We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again — The more you rate, the better your totes get.

Use tote checkout for purchases
Did you know that you can purchase your favorite LT pieces directly using the Tote Checkout feature? If you currently have a tote at home, just hit ‘Select Items to Buy’. Choose the items you want to keep, and return the rest. Also, think of it your one-stop shop for best deals, awesome sales and purchase rewards.

Have fun with fashion!
This is hands down the biggest perk of a Le Tote membership — all the fashion fun. Experiment with styles you wouldn’t normally buy and try trends that are out of your comfort zone and push the envelope. There’s no such thing as renter’s remorse! 


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