An Interview with EBY’s Renata Black

Meet Renata Black. She co-founded EBY, the subscription service for women’s seamless underwear, a year ago along with Sofia Vergara. With a mission to reposition underwear as a symbol of seduction to one of empowerment, EBY allows women to have an impact with the first decision they make every morning — what underwear to wear. Excerpts from a conversation with Renata.

What sets EBY apart?
EBY stands for Empowered By You and it is an access to power — from the women who wear our underwear to the women who manufacture it in the factories in Sri Lanka to the women who benefit from it through our microfinance program. There is a lot of talk of “empowerment” but how is that actually put into practice? 10% of our net sales go to Seven Bar Foundation to empower women out of poverty and into business through microfinance and this component is very unique to us. The fact that by purchasing an underwear you can be a part of enabling a woman to start her own business and come out of poverty, is freaking amazing.

Who is the EBY gal?
The EBY gal knows she has choices and that her choices matter. She doesn’t take herself too seriously but she’s also a go-getter and a force to be reckoned with. She knows what she wants, and that is high performing undies to allow her to take on her day feeling her best.

What has been the biggest takeaway from EBY’s first year in the market?
The realization that there is a major opening right now where a woman does not connect with the impossible Victoria’s Secret standards. Brands are beginning to embrace body positivity but women are curious to see what happens after the body positive ad. How can there be more significance behind what a brand offers? We have a lot of thoughts and answers on this!

What are some must-have undies every woman must own and why?
Above all else, I have to say seamless undies are everything. EBY seamless undies form to your body like a second skin. One of our most common customer reviews we hear from women is that they feel like they aren’t even wearing underwear with them on! Our styles are the 3 staples every woman needs — the thong, brief and cheeky. The Thong is perfect for that little summer dress or all those fitted bodycons (or literally any piece of clothing really). We make it with a flattering curve so it hugs your body, and there’s never a panty line to worry about. Our Brief provides that full coverage we are often looking for. The best part is that it stays in place on your bum, no riding or bunching.The Cheeky is when you want to show a little more skin. With a low-rise front and snug on your hips, our cheek-baring undie is the perfect combo of sexy and comfy. It’s always fun to show a little cheek!  

Finally, do you and Sofia both agree on most things? What’s your work synergy like?
I am always very inspired by Sofia. She has a strong commercial mind and a refined eye for great product. She knows her audience tremendously well and this gives us invaluable access to best serve our community. It also helps that she knows that with her star power she can have a tremendous impact by creating a product women love. Who better to do it than the woman who knows how to embrace her seduction and dominate in business. Did I mention we are both Colombian? Yeah, that’s natural synergy right there!

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