Five Easy Ways to Refresh your Home

Like your wardrobe, your living space also needs a seasonal update. Whether you are into minimal Nordic design or into mix-and-match maximalism, here are five way to spruce things up.

Declutter your surfaces. Dedicate a basket or a tray for your incoming mail and keys near the hallway, store the kitchen appliances you don’t use everyday and stash your jewelry in a cute catchall on your bedside. Making sure your countertops breathe makes a world of difference.

Upgrade your basics. Invest in good quality sheets (high thread count, type of weave and fabric are things to watch for) and soft towels (combed cotton is your friend). Feel free to add some luxurious hand soaps. Maybe those brass fittings. Or double curtain rods. And the list goes on and on.

Give your walls the attention they deserve. Build interest around one big piece of art —  attempt your own freestyle Jackson Pollock canvas or (finally) frame that dramatic Tulum sunset.

One of the easiest spring updates is to introduce some glorious greens. A good place to start is a motley mix of easy-going (or easy growing) pothos, succulents and dependable dracaena. Set a day of the week to water them, adjust their living spots per your natural light situation and watch them literally add life to your home. A curated planter collection is a happy bonus.

Use the base-accent-pop formula for the final touch. Bring home an artisanal wall hanging, whimsical bar accessories or new dining chairs mixed and matched a la wabi-sabi (the decor trend that encourages you to embrace imperfections and personal authenticity).

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