The Necklace Neckline Cheat Sheet

How do I pair the right necklace with the right neckline?

You asked, we answered. This can be tricky territory, so we turned to our resident stylist, Laci Schlicker for a necklace neckline cheat sheet on accessories pairing.

Even though your first instinct with a button-up is to skip a necklace, the addition of a statement necklace to your collar gives it a feminine twist. This play of contrasts is always a great styling trick. Compliments guaranteed.  

The shape of a delicate pendant necklace mimics and accentuates the v-neck, and the result is a great pair. Just be sure to stay away from a necklace so long that the pendant hides inside the shirt.  

The crew neck might be the most basic of necklines, but it also creates the perfect blank canvas for most necklaces. We like it with a lariat necklace, commonly known as Y-neck due to its shape. Not only does it add structure to the crew neck, but this timeless look also happens to be very on trend at the moment.

With an angular shape such as the square neckline, your best bet is to keep things simple and pair it with a classic bar necklace. The horizontal bar of the necklace mimics the square neckline and also accentuates your collarbones. Win-win.

This neckline gives you plenty of room to showcase a statement necklace. The only thing to keep in mind is the length. A medium-length necklace can be tricky to pair depending where it lies on your décolletage. To give the pairing the most star power, the necklace should fall just below your collarbone and just above your top’s neckline.

Accessorizing a classic boat neckline with an equally classic station necklace — a chain that features a design element or stations at regular intervals — is an easy way to create a balance of length that elongates the neck.

Hopefully, this guide on necklaces for necklines was helpful! Comment below with any questions or your own personal tips!

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