Le Tote & You: Meet Cema Wallace

Meet Cema Flozell Wallace. French Fry connoisseur, project engineer and fitness pro, Cema loves training dogs, traveling and helping people reach their fitness goals. Always on the go, Cema is the ultimate planner. “I need to figure out everything in advance. I handle all the meal prep and thankfully, I have Le Tote to prep my outfits for the the week!” Excerpts from a chat.

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What do you love most about the service?
Everything! But if I had to say what I love most about Le Tote, it’s the fact that I can wear all this fashion without the commitment to purchase. The service also helps me get out of my comfort zone and nudges me to wear things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

How important is self care for you?
Self care is top priority, both physical and mental. I am a firm believer that you cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself. Exercise tops my self care list. “Be Great. Get Active” is the slogan for Flozell’s Fitness LLC and I recommend applying that to all aspects of life. Be Great stands for being the best version of yourself. Be kind, work hard and do things you haven’t done before. It’s equally important to Get Active. Get the blood pumping, get outdoors, get to a class, to the gym, organize your closet or even go somewhere to volunteer. Just get up and get something done! You will feel a million times better.  

And what’s your secret of staying motivated?
Honestly, there’s no secret. Nothing feels as amazing as pushing your limits. Fitness can relate to so many things in life. Fitness can exercise not only your body, but your mind, discipline, commitment, perseverance and determination. You would be amazed at how building those skills up will overflow into all aspects of your life. Of course I have days when I don’t feel like going and the motivation is low but that’s when the discipline kicks in. 






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