9-5 with Kavita Sharma, DMM of Apparel

Meet Kavita Sharma, our Divisional Merchandise Manager of Apparel and the real life embodiment of Cosmopolitan’s tagline, Fun Fearless Female. From making strategic work decisions to raising her four and half year old to putting together fabulous outfits, Kavita does it all with equal ease and a big smile. She takes us behind the scenes for a day in her life.

What is your role at Le Tote?
As the Divisional Merchandise Manager of Apparel, I oversee the assortment and strategy decisions around both branded and our private label business. My main focus is to make sure that we have the best assortment of clothing possible. It’s about seeing everything through the customer, taking our data and providing her with exactly what she’s looking for.

And what is it that she’s looking for?
Her biggest ask is a tailored, wear-to-work product. She’s basically looking for things she can wear to work and then transition it to the night.

What’s a day in your life like?
Every day is a race against time! My first alarm goes off around 6:30. I wish I could say that my first order of business was CNN but the truth is that I begin my day with Instagram! After stealing these first few minutes that set the tone of my day and make me feel inspired, I jump right into mom life — that means getting my daughter’s stomach as full as possible before sending her to school, getting a chai and heading to work. My days are packed with meetings and small frequent snacks so I’d say my real day job starts in the evening after putting my daughter to bed!

What is your personal style like?
It’s simple but with a twist. My everyday style involves classic staples mixed with something unexpected like a statement third piece, a bold lip or a bright shoe. Black denim is my signature uniform. I love how it can easily be transitioned to look tailored for work, dressy for the evening or weekend casual. I like my basic closet essentials but if there’s a reason to buy, it will involve a special detail like an edgy zipper or a pop color lining.

What is the significance of Women’s Day to you?
We are lucky to be witnessing this huge movement about women’s empowerment and this day is yet another reason to celebrate who we are, what we’ve done and what we will conquer moving forward. Women used to be discouraged to speak up but that’s a thing of the past. This day is a reminder that we must continue to use our voice.

What’s your vision for women in the workplace of the future?
Many female leaders, more mentors and many more women working in different divisions. I would love to see more more empathy, more transparency and more honesty within the work environment. The opportunities are endless. It’s finally time to shatter the glass ceiling.

What are five things that we should know about you?

  1. I have a fine jewelry line called Carbon. The reason I created it is because I wanted women to be able to purchase affordable fine jewelry for themselves.
  2. I know Paris like the back of my hand, better than I know San Francisco!  Nothing is more liberating than walking on a local Parisian street by yourself and taking in all of the sights.
  3. I have a four-and-half year old. Her name is Sasha and she’s the love of my life. I call her Sasha Fierce. She has no fears. She’s a unique mix of being confident, silly and so loving.
  4. I believe in self love. It’s essential to put yourself first.
  5. I am a feminist and believe in the power of my girl gang — at work and beyond.


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    Very proud of you woman!

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