Le Tote & You: Meet Nina Fox

Meet LT loyalist Nina Fox. California-based mamma to toddler Johnny, Nina is passionate about local and sustainable cuisine, addicted to her daily dose of pilates and reality TV and loves everything nature — from the redwoods to the beach. Excerpts from a chat. 

Tell us about your transition from Le Tote Maternity to Classic?
It was really helpful to have an unlimited wardrobe with access to a vast selection of clothes in multiple sizes and styles after giving birth. Your body changes so much after and it’s challenging to know what size you will need to wear. So, instead of investing in a new wardrobe, it made sense to continue my Le Tote membership. Having a newborn changes things and it’s very easy to forget about yourself but I made it a point to shower, slap on tinted moisturizer, some mascara and wear my goodies from Le Tote. Feeling good definitely had an impact on my day-to-day emotions and my overall well being. Johnny is a toddler now and though a baby makes you adjust your personal budget, I am really grateful that Le Tote makes it possible for me to wear something “new” everyday.

How has your style changed since the pregnancy?
My style has changed so much — the clubbing dresses have been replaced by fitted blouses, sweaters, jeans and leggings! My style is much more casual, so athlesiure fits right into my daily life. I have to say I am not wearing my heels as much now — I tried but balancing a 20lb diaper bag on one hip and a 30lb little one on the other is a recipe for disaster!

What are your tips for new moms?
I highly recommend spending at least 15 minutes on yourself every single day. You won’t regret whatever chores you didn’t get done when you invest that time in yourself. Also, don’t feel guilty to get out for a night here and there. Treat yourself to a girls night or a date night. Oh, and wear studs. Hoops/dangling earrings and a newborn don’t mix. Trust me on this one.

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