Le Tote & You: Meet Emily Allers

Meet Emily Allers. A real estate professional and “fun connoisseur”, she lives in Arizona with her husband and French Bulldog named Hamilton Bosley Gigglesworth. Emily loves news talk radio, coffee, rosé and the Arizona sunset. Over to her for more on fashion, feeling confidence in her 30s and self-love. 

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My day starts off with a few choice swear words, struggling with the snooze button, and trying to convince myself I don’t need to workout. But ultimately, truth hits and my day sarts with a HIIT workout. Being in Real Estate, time is never your own so, as much as I try to make a schedule, there are always multiple “inconvenient surprises” that pop up throughout the day but then time flies by and the next thing I know is that the Arizona sun is setting, oh so gorgeously.”

What do you love most about the service?
Le Tote is like meal prepping for clothing. I love that I no longer have to think about what to wear. I customize my tote according to my schedule. And then there are the compliments! I don’t care if the barista is just looking for a tip but getting a compliment on your outfit is like an espresso-flavored pick-me-up. Practical, affordable, no laundry? Sign me up because Le Tote is Life, UPGRADED. Every single day that I wear Le Tote is a special day. It brings me back to my childhood, playing dress up in my mom’s closet and imagining what life would be like when I was grown up. And now, many years later… I’m still playing dress up, pretending to be an adult.

And what has the current ‘adulting’ taught you? 
It definitely comes with a lot of lessons, the first being this: Fun isn’t just for the weekends and indulgences are best scattered through out the week. Being a little ridiculous makes you a lot memorable!
In my opinion, t’s almost impossible to have a bad day when you’re in a dress that twirls, good lighting is your best filter, being selfish — like sweat pants — is something you should wear very sparingly but damn it, sometimes it just feels good. I have to say, adulting is not so bad. It literally took me 30 years to let go of the insecurities of my younger self. I finally have the confidence to not only chase my dreams, but to create a plan as to how and when they will be accomplished. It took me 30 years to do my makeup and fearlessly dress how I want (major props to Le Tote!). Red lipstick on a Tuesday? Why not! Stilettos and a leather pencil skirt to show homes to clients? Why not! I’d rather be overdressed than boring. Adulthood finally fits rather than just feeling awkward. Don’t get me wrong, I am still full of awkward moments but now I’m just confidently sailing through them!


One of my favorite moments in Le Tote is a day I will never forget. The day was supposed to be all about the Art of Ice Cream Museum. Ice cream for breakfast, a insta-photo sesh, then get a boozy brunch. But, halfway through my first mimosa, my sister Facetimed to introduce me to my brand new niece! Even the cute Le Tote outfit I was wearing, couldn’t stop me from ugly crying. I became an Aunt for the first time, to the cutest little ‘Sutton Emily’.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what is your idea of nurturing yourself?
Confession: I hate spending money on things that I can do myself. You will never find me leisurely getting a mani or pedi. But, I do realize the importance of finding a way to balance myself when things get crazy like going for a hike or taking a hot yoga class. Coming back to zero, is really what my high-strung soul needs. Driving always makes me reflect on all that I have, filling me with thankfulness and gratitude for the big and little things in life. But when I need extra love — it’s Swedish fish for the win!




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