What Compliment Would You Give Yourself?

January 24 is National Compliment Day. Considering there’s also a National Peanut Brittle Day out there, we figured we could totally get on board with this day because we can all agree that compliments are, well, amazing.
The purpose of this ‘holiday’ is to say something nice to your friends, family, and coworkers but we at Le Tote interpreted it slightly differently. We decided to say something nice to ourselves! After all, in this big bad Insta-world completely driven by #goals and aspirations, just how often do we step back and take a moment to compliment ourselves?

We asked some of the inspiring women we work with this question:
What compliment would you give YOURSELF?

The answers varied. Some people were shy talking self-love and others were more forthcoming, but the general consensus was that it was a great exercise. The responses included some powerful one-liners. “You are worthy” emailed one amazing LT staffer. Madison from Merchandising said she would like to compliment her mindset. “I always try to stay positive and believe that good things will come.” Destiny from the photo team said: “People say that I stay calm under pressure but I would like to compliment my ability to adapt to a new situation rather quickly. Oh, and I do like my eyes!” Colette from Customer Care loves her knack for taking any ordinary situation and making it fun. “I think that’s an important skill for living your best life.”
Compliments are so powerful — they affect both the receiver and the giver — and while most of us often say nice things to people in our lives, have you ever complimented a stranger? So the next time you see someone in that perfect outfit or with gorgeous hair, care to stop and say something. You’ve not only made the stranger’s day, but you will also end up feeling quite wonderful.
Let’s round off the post with this beautiful compliment that our visual designer Allison gave herself:
Thank you for trying when you want to give up.
Thank you for trusting yourself.
Thank you for striving to improve.
Thank you for building a positive relationship with yourself.

PS: What compliment would you give YOURSELF? Comment below!


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