The Makeup That Takes Us From Desk To Dinner

What’s the one (or more beauty product) you swear by? Something that you wear every morning and most importantly, carry with you in your handbag, you know in case another desk-to-dinner comes calling! We asked some LT staffers on what makeup and beauty products they count on — read on for some serious beauty inspo.  

“I always have a red lip and a stick of gum in my bag.”
A fresh coat of red lipstick acts as my mask after work. My hair can be a mess but if my red lipstick is on, I always get compliments on my appearance! Another thing I always have is stick of gum. It does the trick to help me feel comfortable chatting after a day-long coffee marathon.
—Sara, Photo 

“I always have my fave makeup stashed away in my work drawer!”
My desk to dinner kit always involves the following: Bare Minerals Complexion rescue. Use this to refresh your face and add some glow. Don’t forget your highlighter, bronzer and highlighter. I love Urban Decay Naked Flushed. Take your look up a notch with a good matte liquid lipstick from Anastasia. The matte lipstick stays on super well if you are going for a bite or drinks. Finally, smell pretty with some perfume. I swear by Love Relentlessly by Tory Burch.
— Kara, Acquisition 

“I’m a Glossier cult member…”
…so I can not go out for any suitable post-work moment without my Glossier Boy Brow and Glossier Dew Effect Highlighter. This will make you look alive. You transform from the lady who sat in meetings all day to the gorgeous lady with strong eyebrows and glowing skin as if someone kissed your cheekbones.
— Ayanna, Social & Content 

“I always double up my fave makeup products in a travel size for my handbag!”
These are some of my favorite makeup products, in no particular order: Mascara is an absolute necessity and even though I always have some on, I like to carry the Benefit Roller Lash Curling Mascara in a travel size just in case I want to reapply. Shimmer eye shadow takes you from desk to dinner in an instant and currently I am really into Mooning by ColourPop. Their shadow is so creamy and so heavily pigmented, it gives a great sheen and the texture is awesome. The third eye product that’s always in my bag is a Covergirl eyeliner. This is what really completes my look. For the lip, I swear by ColourPop Ultra Matte lipsticks. Buy their mini size kits, it’s the smartest way to try multiple colors without committing to a full size and you always have options — neutral or pop — depending on how you feel.  Finally, a spray of Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir and I’m all set. This scent is simple and sophisticated, perfect for someone like me who doesn’t like her perfumes too floral or vanilla. 
— Anna, Private Label Production 

“Nothing says I’m ready for the evening like a bold red lip!”
NYX soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam is the perfect shade of red that stays on all night no matter what I drink or eat! This lipstick transforms my look and goes with everything — you would never know I worked a full 8 hours. The best part? It’s available at the drug store for less than $10!
— Sarah, HR  


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