9-5 with Nikki H, Office Manager

Meet Le Tote Office Manager extraordinaire Nikki. This girl knows how to curate an atmosphere of fun and spontaneity at work while making sure the sailing is smooth and the office is stocked (everything from supplies to snacks) and she does it all smile. And she also knows a thing about office party etiquette (“Mingle with new people outside of your usual network, don’t get wasted and over share and don’t talk about yourself endlessly”). Read on to find out the highlights of her day, how she hosts the perfect events and her obsession with sequins!

Tell us a bit about your background?
I grew up on the East Coast and moved to California five years ago to live that Cali dream. I went to school for Fashion Design and Merchandising outside of Boston and relish in making the perfect cocktail dress. I still dig those fancy design vibes and that explains why I work with denim and sequin after-hours. As an Office Manager at Le Tote, I get to hone in my event planning skills and mingle with like-minded people every day. 

What is a typical 9-5 in Le Tote like?
There is no typical day! However, I feel spoiled when I get to be in the know on the happenings at the office and get to surprise people with good news, random baked goods and fun supply purchases.

What is the highlight of your 9-5?
My co-workers. It’s all about the people and nothing matters as much as that element of connection. The most satisfying part of my day is when I walk around the office, checking in on them.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a twister. I rip through my room and hope that anything I pick up works together.I hate being too trendy and it’s important for me to curate my own style. I am obsessed with vintage… there’s nothing like the thrill of finding the perfect gem at a vintage shop.

What is the secret to hosting a memorable party/event?
Great lighting that sets the mood. Music to set the tone and theme, and not hurting yourself by trying to have every type of drink available to your guests. Have a signature cocktail and some back up drink like wine/beer.

What are five things that we should know about you?
I am predictably always either wearing sparkle or shopping for sparkle.
Back in high school, I wanted to be an FBI detective or a therapist. 
I am almost always working on a side project or business.
I am really into psychology and analyzing people’s behavior and understanding them.
I am obsessed with London, tea and vintage clothing. (Why am I not living in London already?)


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