9-5 with Clara Z, Stylist

Meet LT Select stylist  Clara Zuazu. Born and raised in Barcelona, Clara is that person who walks in to any room and you can’t help but notice. Charming, witty and oh-so-chic, she lets us into her 9-5 world. (And a little sneak peek at what she’s like after hours!) Read on to find out how she styles the perfect tote, what keeps her motivated and her personal style mantra.  

First things first, what brought you to the US?
My boyfriend’s start-up. He always wanted to live in San Francisco so we decided to give it a try and move to the US for two years. So here we are two years later, married to each other, in love with SF and not planning to return to Europe anytime soon!

What is a typical 9-5 in Le Tote like?
I reach the office a little before 9 am and kickstart the day by checking my emails. Usually, I go to the kitchen and grab some coffee. It’s a great way to catch up with coworkers and meet people from different departments. After emails, I get down straight to styling unless there are scheduled meetings. My  biggest driving force is the ability to style that perfect tote that will exceed our customer’s expectations. I take an email break at 5 pm again and then by 6-6:30 pm, I’m on my way home.

What style trends are coveted most by the LT Select Woman?
The LT Select Woman wants high quality pieces that she will not find at the mall. She likes style and comfort without having to spend a fortune. Her biggest style needs are versatile pieces that can seamlessly transition from work to dinner with friends.

What is the highlight of your 9-5?
It has to be those times when customers write in saying how much they loved the clothes they received. On a personal front, I love the atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and it’s about true teamwork. For me, being able to work in a highly motivated, friendly and respectful environment is everything.

What does your personal closet look like?
Lots of neutral colors like black, navy, grey, white with pops of color. My closet is mostly timeless pieces that I combine with trendy ones that I buy every season.

What are five things about you that we should know?
Here goes, in no particular order…
I’m an extremely clumsy person!
I fall asleep on a moving vehicle. Every. Single. Time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short bus rides, metro, train… if it’s moving, I will fall asleep!
It’s been two years and I still haven’t gotten used to the foggy summer in the Bay Area.
I am a foodie and I compete with my husband when it comes to sharing good food!
I love to walk everywhere. If the weather is good, know that I will always walk, even when it’s over an hour to my destination.


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