How To Get Out of a Wardrobe Rut

If you catch yourself feeling less than inspired to get dressed in the morning and constantly end up reaching out for the same two pairs of jeans and a handful of your go-to tops, you are probably stuck in a wardrobe rut. Read our top three tricks to snap out of a stagnant style situation. Effective immediately. 


1. Clean Out Your Closet 

Walking out the door wearing the first thing you see inside your closet? It’s time to change what you see first! Cleaning out your closet is more than just following the throw-anything-you-didn’t-wear-last-year rule. Get a good look at the contents of your closet. Out of sight, out of mind applies to clothes too! Color code your tops, pair interesting separates together on one hanger, shuffle some things around… shopping inside your closet is an effective (and zero cost) way of shaking things up.

2. Give Yourself A Wardrobe Challenge 

Do you ever look into the mirror and experience deja vu? If you reach for the same five things day in and night out, and find it hard to break out of the comfort/monotony of your go-to pieces, snap out and give yourself a style challenge. For example, banish black for a month if that’s the only color you wear. Or ditch denim for two weeks if you never find the motivation of getting into a dress. Nothing like a style challenge to step out of your comfort zone and guess what? It makes a fun social media series too!
PS: What’s better than a style challenge? A style challenge with a friend!

3. Wake Up Your Style 

It could be as simple as adding a fiery manicure or a hot pink lip or something more committed like making a Pinterest board highlighting your fave trends of the season. It could be experimenting with bold accessories, pulling off the least-expected fashion pairing or using Le Tote to rent a dress you normally wouldn’t try in the store. Waking up your style is simple — all you need is the right inspiration.


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