5 Tips To Elevate Your Workwear Style

If you struggle to find workwear style inspiration on a daily basis, know that you are not alone. Pinterest makes scoring office-ready outfits look so effortless but we all know the truth about workwear — it’s not as simple as it looks. But here’s what is simple — making small changes that go a long way to help elevate your Monday-Friday style. Here are five things you can do to make your mornings easier:  


1. Invest in timeless staples. 

Every workplace has its own style vibe, a staple at a startup might be a dark wash, skinny jean but a more formal environment calls for a classic pencil skirt. Timeless staples, quality basics, office essentials… call it what you may but it’s a solid idea to give your Monday-Friday closet a solid foundation.

2. Plan your outfits ahead. 

This is especially helpful on the days you are running (really) late for the big presentation but also goes a long way to avoid those stressful outfit changes right before dashing out the door. If a week’s worth of outfits is a lot to ask from your Sunday schedule, start small by planning your outfit the night before.


3. Tap your accessories. 

It’s easy to forget about accessorizing but it’s what makes your outfit your own. Use them to pull your look together or just have some fun. (But not too much fun!)

4. Know your fashion formula. 

Everyone has one, you just have to figure out yours and once you do, you will never look back. Nailing your personal style formula leans heavily on dressing right for your body type, involves some trial and error, lots of patience and some honest friends but trust us, it’s all worth it. Why? It ensures you always look good, halves your shopping time AND the time spent in front of your closet.

5. Have a black blazer on hand. Always.

Despite a full closet and some help from Le Tote to constantly rotate your clothes and accessories, we all have those nothing-looks-good moments. Enter, the black blazer (think of it as the 9-5 equivalent of the little black dress). A classic silhouette in a good quality fabric, a black blazer can single-handedly take any outfit (and your mood) several notches higher.





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