How To Wear The Athleisure Trend

When athleisure made its way to the Merriam-Webster dictionary last year, it was just the final sign that this trend is here to stay. Defined as “casual clothing meant to be worn both for exercising and for general use”, I think we can all agree that the ‘exercising’ aspect of pulling off athleisure comes to us more naturally than its ‘general use’ counterpart.
Since not all of us can walk out of the door in leggings and sneakers without looking like we’re heading to the gym, here are some outfit ideas to make you rethink athleisure.


Don’t restrict the third piece rule to your Monday-Friday ootds. Use this styling trick to elevate your leggings-and-tee uniform. The next time you have plans right after pilates, throw on a puffer vest over your leggings and top, and you will be brunch-ready in under a minute. Another way to incorporate a third piece is to steal this off-duty model look — just tie a flannel or hoodie around your waist. Everything will look so polished and literally pulled together! 


Think athleisure and think black leggings, right? Wrong! What if we told you that your performance-oriented, sporty silhouettes can also flaunt some cool design features and fun colors? Look out for those darling design details —  hidden pockets, trendy cutouts or even a surprise style twist. Mix in some fun pop colors to break the black. And finally, finish the look with your sunnies and a pumpkin-spiced latte.



There’s more to this trend than leggings and yoga pants. The key to a great athleisure look is to rotate key pieces from your wardrobe for an easy, effortless look. Mix in your leather jackets, bomber jackets, jeans, logo tees, soft knit dresses or other athleisure-inspired pieces and you will be on your way to creating Instagram-worthy outfits in no time.

Start building your athleisure capsule closet from Le Tote here.

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