Le Tote & You: Meet Susie Gonzalez

My current favorite movie is Moana. Can you tell I’m a mom?!”

Meet Susie Gonzalez. Funny, charming, and incredibly chic, Susie is mom to three-year-old Mozaic and the creative force behind @mommyandmozi, a blog that encourages women to embrace themselves through personal style, beauty and motherhood.
Our Style Share Winner of the month has been a Le Tote subscriber for over a year and a half, and loves everything fashion, more so if it centers around mommies and their minis. “I started my blog because I just had to share my passion with everyone —  we kept getting asked what we were wearing! Fashion is by far my favorite way of expressing myself and my daughters’ ever evolving personality.” Over to her for more.

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What’s a typical day in your life and how does Le Tote fit in?
A typical day looks like me chasing after my three-year-old daughter and getting her ready for school! Even though I’m a mother and routine is important for my daughter, Le Tote allows me to break free from my neutral pieces and add color and patterns to my #ootds.


How would you describe your signature style?
My style is definitely dependent on my mood.  I love stocking up on basic pieces since they’re timeless and will never go out of style, but I love picking feminine and edgy pieces to make my outfit look more effortless and chic.

Which fashion trend do you wish never dies?
Definitely mules. I love how versatile mules are and the best thing is that they are super comfortable and can be worn all day.  

Which fashion trend do you wish was never born?
I appreciate all forms of fashion and how people decide to express themselves but the trend that I simply cannot rock are high heels. Anything over three inches and I’m dying!


What’s your idea of a perfect #ootd?
It has to have an equal number of feminine and edgy pieces. Anything off-the-shoulder is a win for me. Add unique earrings, a hat and statement shoes and you have the perfect #ootd.

What comes to your mind when we say:
Athleisure: Comfy and chic.
Crocs: What are those? LOL!
Statement Earrings: Bright, colorful, and a must have!
Baseball hat: Cute and essential for those pesky bad hair days.
Kylie Jenner: Kim Kardashian’s baby sister.

Finally, who is your style icon?
Alexandrea Garza.  She’s a YouTuber and I love how she pairs neutrals and statement pieces while keeping it classy and chic.

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