How To Identify Your Undertone

Summer is on its way out (I know, we #lovesummerhateeverything too) and that brings us to the topic of transitioning to fall. Luckily, neutrals — new color crush — is a great palette to make that switch. It’s a common misconception that neutrals wash you out because if you match the right shade with your skin undertone, you have a friend for life. Here are 3 simple tests to figure out if you are a cool or warm undertone: 

The Veins Test

The veins on the inside of your wrist will tell you what undertone you are. Blue or bluish-purple veins indicate cool undertones and greenish vein means you’re warm. If you can’t decide and your veins look blue-green, you are a neutral undertone.

The Jewelry Test

Does your skin feel more radiant and awake in silver or gold jewelry? Silver metals flatter cool undertones and warm undertones tend to glow in gold.

The Sun Test

If your skin burns easily after a day in the sun, you are cool-toned and if you rarely burn and tan easily, you are warm-toned.

Now that you have identified your skin tone, here’s your new go-to neutral:  


Cooler undertones are best complemented with a neutral like CAMEL. Bonus: Throwing on a camel piece is a surefire way of making anything and everything look sophisticated.


Warmer tones run the biggest risk of looking washed out with the wrong neutral. Choose a rich, earthy shade like OLIVE which will do wonders to enhance your skin tone.

Most neutrals work well for neutral undertones (this group can just about pull off any colors) but a soft muted shade like OATMEAL is as perfect as it gets.


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