An Interview With Olivia Culpo

She walked into the Le Tote office, all tall and fabulous. Barely any make up, hair up in a knot, a smile that reached her eyes, she had us even before hello. Months later, we are finally ready to share the big news — Olivia Culpo and Le Tote have come together to create an exclusive summer capsule collection. From her first brush with style, fashion faux pas, girl crush to how girl power inspired her design debut, Olivia takes us through her fashion journey so far…


Why did you choose to partner with Le Tote for your first collection?
I chose to partner with Le Tote because I think it provides fast, effortless fashion for women. The site curates a variety of different styles for women to explore and take chances without risk since it’s so accessible and can always be sent back!

What about the Le Tote model/philosophy resonated with you?
I think the Le Tote model allows every girl to live out her inner fashionista dreams. It allows someone to take chances, try new things, but without having to spend a pretty penny. I’ve always believed you can find reasonably priced, on trend looks that make you feel confident. Le Tote allows people to do exactly that.

How do you think Le Tote is changing the way women engage with fashion?
I think Le Tote allows women to find new ways to express themselves through fashion that they otherwise wouldn’t have even thought of. Shoppers are more willing to step outside of their comfort zone since Le Tote is always up to date on the latest trends. Plus they know everything on the site has been tailored to their specific taste!


Why did you decide to design a collection? Why now?
I have always been passionate about design and have dreamt about one day having a collection of my own. It took some time to develop exactly what I wanted my collection to look like, but now I feel like I am so in tune with my style and creative direction so I’m really proud of how this collection has come together.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?
My inspiration behind the collection is girl power. The pieces reflect both femininity through the prints and colors but also durability and strength through the fabric and silhouettes. I want women to feel confident and empowered.

Tie Neck Floral Blouse1

Your collection contains two custom prints — what was the inspiration behind those designs and how did you pick the color scheme?
The inspiration behind my prints was my love for flowers. I am truly blown away by the natural beauty of all florals. In particular for this collection, I was inspired by the delicate balance that flowers bring to a busy city in the spring and summer. There is always the harshness of the concrete and skyscrapers of a bustling city, but every little patch of flowers or greenery adds a bit of charm and beauty that makes all the difference. I am always in awe of the way Mother Nature can overpower the city streets and peak through in even the most unlikely of places. I also drew inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana which had a beautiful assortment of floral prints in the latest summer collection that reminded me of this same balance of durable structured clothing with feminine fragile prints.

Do you remember your first brush with fashion and style?
Ever since I was little I have expressed myself through fashion. I always wanted to stand out, I never really wanted to wear what everyone else had on and I was constantly inspired by interesting new fashion that I had never seen before. I remember the first time I left the country I was so interested in what other cultures wore. I couldn’t wait to incorporate these new ideas into my own fashion. I didn’t even care if other people made fun of me! I wanted to find new and creative ways to express myself.

Do you ever look back at your photos and cringe? Any examples of trends you loved then, that you can’t believe you wore now?
The only thing I can think of off the top of my head are the green swishy track pants I wore in fourth grade. I’m not really sure what was going on there but in my defense they were definitely picked out by my mom!


You are a style icon for millions. Do you have a style icon yourself?
I love Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively, and my ultimate girl crush Audrey Hepburn. I of course admire their style but I also find each of them to be such inspirational women.

What do you love most about being a fashion influencer?
My favorite part about fashion is the license it gives you to be original and different. It’s one of the few ways I feel you can really express yourself and be unique. The more originality, the better. No two people are ever going to wear something exactly the same or even pick out the same pieces to wear. I just love that!



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