How to Look Like a Celebrity at The Airport

We’ve all browsed through photos of jet-setting stars, looking polished and perfect, wondering how they do it. Here’s how you can steal the style of your fave fashion icons. Trust us, it’s easier than it looks: 


Karlie Kloss

What to wear: Bomber jacket + jeans + white tee
The bomber jacket single-handedly converts any outfit (and we mean any outfit) to an off-duty model outfit. Not surprising then, it is an airport staple. All you need is your basics and your fave handbag. Sunnies and white sneakers go without saying.

Celebrity Sighting At Charles-de Gaulle airport In Paris - October 4, 2016

Miranda Kerr

What to wear: Easy duster + Crossbody bag over anything & everything
How do you make a dressy outfit airport-appropriate? By throwing on a relaxed third piece (we are talking to you, duster cardigan) and a crossbody bag to fit your essentials. And just like that, you are ready from runway-to-restaurant.


Gigi Hadid

What to wear: Gym pants + Denim jacket
If athleisure is your thing, this outfit recipe will change your life (or at least your airport style). You will be surprised how a humble denim jacket pulls your outfit (including gym clothes) together . Add heels for the glam celeb factor and a backpack for good measure.




Reese Witherspoon

What to wear: Relaxed top + pants + Carry-all tote
Neutral colors where anything goes with everything, comfy shoes and a tote that fits everything but the kitchen sink. Easy does it, especially on days you can’t even.


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