Le Tote & You: Meet Alexa Binns

Style Share winner of the month Alexa Binns describes her style as Venice Prep. “Let’s say it’s some version of SF meets LA!” Her reading list ranges from Snapchat to The Economist, she’s a huge fan of Flex and oh, and she finds herself recommending Le Tote all the time! Over to her for more… 

You have been a Le Tote user for two years now, what do you like most about this service?
I love that I get to ‘try on’ clothes before I buy them. We’ve all had that experience of buying something new and half-way through day one realizing it totally doesn’t work. With Le Tote, I end up keeping what really fits.


What is on your fashion moodboard this spring? What are some trends you are waiting to try?
Le Tote has been great for rotating some bolder items into my wardrobe. I end up renting a lot of the trendier stuff. I’m looking forward to trying some high-rise trousers, sweaters with chokers and embroidered anything!


What’s the best style advice you have ever received?
My mom told me to never wear prints. My dad told me to leave some things up to the imagination. This advice doesn’t apply to everyone, but in my case I think they’re right.


When in doubt, wear…. 
This jumpsuit from Le Tote! It’s my closet MVP — I wear it for work cocktails with heels and a blazer. And running errands with sandals and a jean jacket.

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