Real women, real workwear uniforms

Something has to be said about the ease and effortlessness of style uniforms. Imagine a life of zero last-minute outfit changes in the mornings. No more should-I-do-boho-today or just go rock-chic. If you stifled a yawn, this is not for you. But if you just screamed a silent ‘YAS’, you’ve reached the right place. Three fabulous Le Tote staffers who rock their style uniforms day in and night out tell us how they found their signature style. Read on; feel inspired to find yours…  

Cindy, Talent Acquisition Manager 

What is your workwear uniform?
I like to be comfortable AND stylish. My go to uniform is a pair of well made skinny jeans (I have many that I’ve come to love) with a Le Tote top or sweater. I always add a fun  accessory like a statement necklace. 

How did you discover your signature style?
I often go out for drinks or dinner after work, so having a style that transforms from the office to evening is important to me.  I’ve come to realize that I’m not comfortable wearing certain items whether it be at work or off the clock (I’m talking about you, pencil skirt!) Skirts just don’t fit into my lifestyle so I completely banned them from my wardrobe. I take this approach with every piece of clothing I try on. If I put something on and it doesn’t feel good, I know to move on. After years of iteration, I found what truly makes me feel good and look good at the same time.

How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
5 minutes max! Some days I cheat and do a quick outfit plan in my mind before going to bed but more often I walk into the closet and chose my outfit at random.

What are 5 essentials from Le Tote that help you get your M-F look?  
Le Tote IS my wardrobe! There have been many days where my full outfit head-to-toe is courtesy of Le Tote. I couldn’t live without Levis skinny jeans, a stylish comfy sweater, a fun blouse , an of-the-moment necklace (currently that’s the choker, but any pendant statement piece will work) and finally a sleek and stylish jacket like this cute faux-leather moto

Finally, whose style uniform do you love?
I have a style crush on Olivia Palermo! Everything she wears looks chic and effortless, but with a playful vibe.

img_9377-jpgKavita, Product Development

What is your workwear uniform?
Simple, mixing in classic staples but always pairing with something unexpected like a statement jacket, bold lip, fabulous handbag or sometimes all three!

How did you discover your signature style?
I’m a lazy dresser so it came natural for me to complete my outfit with an easy accent that doesn’t require much thinking. My wardrobe consists of long lasting denim, classic tops, statement jackets, show-stopping shoes and a rainbow assortment of lipsticks. My pout is never naked.

How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
I need a full hour to get ready in the morning, but I visualize my outfits the night before and make them come to life the morning of.

What are 5 essentials from Le Tote that help you get your M-F look?
An unexpected layering piece, classic skinny black pants, a trend piece like this cold shoulder sweater, a patterned scarf with a pop of color and a work tote that can be doubled up as a weekend bag.

Finally, whose style uniform do you love?
At the moment I am following Anine Bing for style inspo and am always on the lookout for sale items from her line. Fashion forward without trying too hard.


Allison, Visual Design

What is your workwear uniform?
My workwear uniform is generally lots of layers, usually a button down shirt, sweater or cardigan, and sometimes belt. I have some fashion rules I abide by every day, in and out of work—no blue jeans, no t-shirts, and no tennis shoes. In SF that’s generally enough to make you look really put together.

How did you discover your signature style? 
I like to keep things really simple (example: I have only one pair of pants and one pair of earrings that I wear). Ease, comfort, and warmth are really important to me, so usually I will buy clothes that meet those criteria first. I like to buy menswear styles because men’s clothing tends to prioritize functionality over beauty. Men’s clothing can also look timeless due to a lack of trends. I also have a scarf collection I dig into anytime I want more color (and warmth!).

How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
Five to ten minutes.

What are 5 essentials from Le Tote that help you get your M-F look?  
A classic button-up shirt, a tencel shirt, a layering essential, a fun scarf and finally a neutral belt to tie it all together.

Finally, whose style uniform do you love? 
Janelle Monae. She’s well-known for wearing menswear, and I appreciate how comfortable she seems in her suits and tuxedos. I own a suit myself and love playing with both masculine and feminine expression. She also almost exclusively wears only black and white, and yet she always looks like she’s starting a new trend.

Some iconic women & their workwear uniforms 


Kate Middleton’s style is simple, understated and almost always involves belted coats dresses 


French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt lives in her skinny cuffed pants and button downs/blazers 


Jenna Lyons of J Crew gave up skirts a while ago and has built a strong signature style revolving trousers 


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