The Year in Style, from A-Z

Here is a list of everything that mattered in 2016 in the world of style: 


A for Athleisure: Yoga pants made their way out of the yoga studio this year as athleisure made it to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary — and to Le Tote as a special clothing category!   

B for Backpack: The it bag of the year was undoubtedly the backpack. From music festival lovers to office-goers, the backpack had everyone’s back. Even Chanel was compelled to launch a backpack collection!

C for Choker: The accessory of the year award goes to comeback kid, the choker. Wrap, ribbon, velvet or embellished, the choker was the 2016 way to update your look.

D for DIY Denim: Cropped frayed, designer ripped, DIY patchwork, floral embroidered, undone hem, DIY denim trends dominated the street style scene.

E for Effortless: If there was one style goal of the year, it was to be effortless. Think Alexa Chung.  


F for Faux Fur: This winter staple was also a huge trend this year. As a vest, outer layer or trimmings, nothing says glam quite like some faux fur.  

G for Gigi Hadid: From leading the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris to (cat)walking the streets of New York City, it was Gigi Hadid all the way.

H for Hoodie: Luxury hoodies or classic hoodies, whichever camp you belonged to, hoodies were the word on the street.  

I for Instagram: Yes, it was still just as important.

J for Jenners: Move over Kardashians. The Jenners made the right noises this year. Kendall Jenner spent the year being fabulous off and on the ramp, Kylie launched Kylie Cosmetics and together they launched their clothing line.


K for Knee-high Boots: Walk the talk in a pair that means business. But before that, Pinterest Olivia Palermo for inspo.

L for Leopard Print: Not for the faint-hearted, this fierce trend re-appeared in 2016 and is here to stay. Wear it as a duster jacket to lift the most tired little black dress. Feel free to add a red lip.  

M for Metallics: Shine and sparkle was a big look since the summer and the metallic pleated skirt danced its way into the party season.  

N for Never-say-never: In fashion, never say never. Because you never know which trend is hiding around the next corner! (Ahem, overalls)  

O for Oversized: Even the bodycon worshipper succumbed to this one.


P for Plaid: A rare trend that speaks to (almost) everyone, plaid was an easy win.

Q for Quirky Deets: Everyone channeled their inner Zooey Deschanel — the quirkier, the better.

R for Round, Mirrored Sunnies: Selfies have not been the same since. Beach, boardwalk or brunch, these even gave Aviators a run for their money.    

S for Sneakers, Statement Sleeves & Shoulder (rather off-the-shoulder): Why pick one when you can have three fabulous trends?!

T for Third Piece Rule: This insider rule stepped out of the shadows as the fashion world waxed eloquent about it. We didn’t need convincing.   


U for Uniforms: Wardrobe uniforms aka your personal fashion formula was declared the winner. And there is a certain Emmanuelle Alt at French Vogue we have to thank.

V for Velvet: And just like that, we wore velvet this year!

W for Wrap Dress:  Hereby declaring the printed, bohemian wrap dress as spring fling of the year.

X for X-factor: Because at the end of the day, like in everything else, this is what it always comes down to.  

Y for Yin and yang: Romance met androgyny, sexy met edgy and even Pantone released twin colors for the year. It was a year of balancing the opposites.

Z for zzz: Two words — beauty sleep — trending or not.  


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