Five Reasons Why Every Mommy-to-be Needs Le Tote

Expecting a baby and expecting great #ootds every day is, to say the least, a tall order. Enter, your new fabulous friend in need — Le Tote!

No one likes to buy clothes they will never wear again

Buying adjustable bump-friendly wrap dresses that you can wear to work meetings long after the nursing phase is over is one thing, but being stuck with high-rise stretch waist pants in all colors is another. With Le Tote, there’s no need to invest in expensive maternity clothes that will never see the light of day again. Why buy when you can borrow?

Because nothing-fits-anymore

Mornings can be very frustrating when nothing fits anymore and you are this close to resorting to shapeless tees and oversized shirts. Whether your wardrobe needs a one-size-up, clever clothes to work around the bump for those first two trimesters, or maternity styles to flaunt your full-sized bump… a Le Tote maternity membership gives you access to both classic and maternity collections.

Living in black leggings is boring

If you and your baby bump have been living day in and night out in black leggings, we don’t blame you for a) Saying that. b) Wearing that. But if you are ready to push the envelope and try all those fabulous and flattering maternity styles out there, Le Tote is your one-stop ‘shop’. It doesn’t matter which phase or trimester you are in, there’s no excuse for endless, uninspired leggings days. Side knot dresses and plaid ponchos anyone?

Because the holiday party is round the corner


The upcoming holiday season is giving you wardrobe nightmares. Even if you manage to dress yourself and the bump in cute casuals, you can’t avoid the big nights. You might convince yourself to invest in maternity jeans but buying a special dress that you will probably end up at the back of your closet after this one holiday party is something you can’t bring yourself to do. The solution is simple: Feel free to borrow one of ours!

It would be nice to have one less thing to think about

In between the doctor’s appointments and stroller research and crib decisions, small treats like having your outfits arrive at your doorstep, or not having to do laundry are a big blessing. Mix and match your existing closet with Le Tote pieces, guilt-free, for days full of confidence and comfort. Even after the baby comes, while you wait to get back to your feet (and size), because who doesn’t love to have something new to wear everyday! 




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