Behind the tote: Toshiko Shek

“Dress accordingly and live stylishly. I wear what I want and dress how I feel because at the end of the day, it’s not her, it’s me.” Meet Toshiko Shek, Le Tote’s in-house stylist. Unassuming and approachable, she busts the fashion-girls-are-mean myth with just one handshake. More on her life and style here: 


Describe your signature style in 4 hashtags?
#minimal #classic #refined #stripes

What is a stylist approved #ootd?
Honestly, confidence is all you really need in an outfit!

What is the first thing that catches your eye about someone’s style?
Hmm this is a tough question… I guess shoes?

How long do you take to get ready in the mornings?
Believe it or not, I usually get ready in 30 minutes.

What is your current fashion phase?
I am living in 3 different moto jackets right now!

If not fashion, what do you see yourself doing?
I studied art in high school and throughout college so I would be an oil painter. Hmm, I should pick up that paintbrush again!

How would you describe your typical day at Le Tote? 
On shoot days, I am running around in a sea of clothes and shoes. It’s actually quite chaotic because it’s just me (I don’t have an assistant) whipping up 100+ outfits for in-studio eComm shoots. If we are shooting on location, I pretty much look like a crazy bag lady lugging all all the clothes and shoes and accessories! On non-shoot days, I am either planning upcoming shoots, creating laydowns, organizing the closet or posting photos on Instagram.

What are your three favorite LT pieces? 
This faux suede draped jacket, the Amanda Uprichard blouse  and this Cupcakes & Cashmere dress.  


Do you remember your first brush with fashion?
My mom was a super fashionista and she would dress me up when I was little… so I guess I’ve been blogging since the 80s!

Who are some of your fave bloggers? 
Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, Leonie of Ohh Couture, Sara of Harper and Harley, Nicole of Gary Pepper Girl, Kristina of Kayture among many! 

What’s your pro tip for taking a good photo? 
Line things up! If there’s an edge of a table, line up so the frame of your photo is parallel to it. That’s one thing I always do.


Is it true that you moved to a 2-bedroom apartment and turned the master bedroom into your closet?
Yes, that was at my last apartment. My master bedroom was actually my closet. I don’t have that anymore because I am trying to downsize and live simply.

Lastly: if not you, then who?
If not me, then… Gwen Stefani. Hands down! Loved her and No Doubt since I was 12.

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