Le Tote & You: Meet Nina Fox

From maternity must-haves to showing off the newly-acquired curves and buying cute and comfy flats — one size up, LT member and glowing mommy-too-be Nina Fox spills her bump-dressing and feel-confident secrets: 


How would you describe your work style during the pregnancy?
I am a food and beverage manager at The Stanford Court Hotel in San Francisco, and I am always on the go. Safety is key in the kitchen so what my fashion lacks in heels I can make up for in other areas. I love being able to mix on-trend fashion with a pair of cute flats or athleisure sneakers.

Is it difficult to retain the pre-pregnancy style while dressing a baby bump?
I didn’t find it difficult at all — in fact, I am feeling more stylish than ever! With my new body, it’s like I am a new woman! I am having fun trying new styles that are showing off some of my recently-acquired curves. This is a very special time and I have been putting my best foot forward with my style choices and feeling more confident than I ever have before. The trick is to just be yourself. Some days are going to be better than others — so no matter what, just go out there and own it and remember you are a beautiful and glowing mommy-to-be.


What role did Le Tote play in your style journey over the last 9 months?
Oh, a BIG role! I signed up for Le Tote when I was three months pregnant when my clothes weren’t fitting like they once had. I filled in my pre-pregnancy size in my profile and Le Tote did all the work after that. From suggesting items and sizes more suitable for me and giving allowing me to mix the staple pieces I bought for my maternity wardrobe with unique and trendy piece, Le Tote has been amazing. I love the ease of accessing my virtual closet from the app and I was beyond impressed with the vast selection of items to choose from. I selected my first tote and when it arrived I was 100% satisfied. It’s nice to have something to look forward too arriving at my door and it’s super fun to debut new looks at work or with friends. I am always happy to shared my secret with the ladies in the office and to my mommies group online when they ask me where the best place to “shop” for maternity clothes is. Why would you want to buy clothes that won’t fit you in a matter or months? Le Tote maternity is perfect! Oh, and the customer service is extremely helpful.

What are 3 of your top maternity closet must-haves from Le Tote?  
Maternal America Color Block Dress: Perfect for a big day at work or holiday gathering.
Maternal America Twist Front Tunic: Great with denim or slacks.
Leota Maternity Maxi Wrap in Wild Flower: Totally transition this dress into fall with a shearling jacket.

And 3 other must-haves?
Seamless maternity compression slip (shape wear), 7 for All Mankind Secret Fit Belly Jeans and cute and comfy flats — in a size up!

What are your fave fall trends?
My favorite fall trends include over-the-knee boots, chunky knit oversized sweaters, a statement jacket or faux fur, crushed velvet pants and a sleek black turtle neck with either beautiful drop earrings or a cute beret.

132a1056Finally, any other style thoughts, tips and miscellaneous info that you think would be helpful for all the yummy-mummies-to-be out there.
* If anyone comments negatively on your appearance/weight let that go in one ear and out the other real quick. You are creating a life and you are perfect the way you are. Don’t compare yourself to others either, we are all different.
* Don’t be afraid to try something new, being pregnant is a special time and you should try new looks that make you feel polished and put together. When you are feeling fab and confident it is easier to forget about queasiness, lack of sleep, and the ever-changing body evolutions.
* Finally, don’t be shy to accept help. If someone wants to hold the door for you, help you lift something or bakes you a special treat, enjoy it and accept the courtesies. Everyone is really nice to you when you are pregnant so feel free to indulge in it!  


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