We’re falling for fall!

Wood fireplaces, cozy knits, crisp leaves and pumpkin-spiced everything! Here are a few of our favorite things about fall! 

There is nothing, NOTHING, like the change of weather in New England when summer turns into fall. The smell of crisp leaves makes me think of college campuses and the endless supply of knowledge yet to be learned. That and all the new fall styles released into stores and boutiques. The change to cooler weather and the bountiful supply of new styles is the perfect time for a fashion makeover and taking those risks you have been wanting to. Not to mention all the different ways you can layer that just isn’t weather appropriate during the summer! Fall is all about the excitement of being a better version of your fabulous self! — Nikki 

Late afternoon walks through the woods. It’s just cold enough where you can bundle up to stay warm. And fall clouds set against a sunset are the best! — Ben

The feeling of the crisp air against my face making my cheeks rosy!  And the autumnal colors of mother nature.— Kavitafall-final-collage-blogFall is a great preview to winter (my true favorite season). Call me basic if you want, but fall is my opportunity for pumpkin-spiced everything (EVERYTHING), halloween candy (fun fact: if you eat candy at any point during the month of October it counts as Halloween candy), re-reading the entire Harry Potter series, and re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the upteenth time (a great show for those who like the late 90s/early 00s, campy effects, spooky and emotional storylines, and witty one-liners)! — Blue

The crisp temperatures of upstate NY foliage. — Joe 

I grew up in Vermont so the rustle of orange and yellow leaves signifies fall! — Ruth

Cozy knits, snuggly ponchos, flannel, plaid and ankle booties. I love everything about fall but fall fashion is just so inspiring.— Shradha 

Any excuse to use my wood fireplace! — Jana

I love fall leaves on the east coast. There’s nothing better than driving through the mountains in Virginia on a sunny October day when the leaves are a beautiful red, yellow and orange. — Alice


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