Le Tote & You: Meet Marial Biard

Meet Marial Biard — our style share winner of the month. A pediatric medical music therapist at a children’s hospital in Houston, TX, Marial wears scrubs and a guitar to work everyday and insists she is the epitome of a fashion faux pas Monday-Friday!
She uses music to help kids and their families cope with the worst parts of their hospitalization.
“It is my job to take the pain and tears away and replace them with joy and music. The sacrifice of my workday style pales in comparison to the reward I gain each day. And when I am not singing and strumming, I can be found throwing tea parties for one — aka me binge watching Netflix while drinking tea, getting her sun salutations on at yoga, or spending time exploring H-Town with my handsome/brilliant/studly fiancé.”
Marial has a new addiction for macaroons, an old addiction for travel (Costa Rica for her honeymoon is up next), and she loves music more than words can describe. Current #1 jam, Can’t Stop the Feeling! by JT. “I dare you not to dance,” she says. Over to her for more:


Complete the sentence: When in doubt, wear …….
Confidence! Every article of clothing could be show stopping but if you don’t own it and flaunt it with everything you’ve got, it is all for nothing. Mic drop!
PS: If you are out of confidence, a bold red lip can be used as an emergency substitute!  

collage maria;

What is the thing you love MOST about Le Tote?
I could write a dissertation about how brilliant Le Tote is… instead I will keep it to the three things I love most.
First, I love the fact that with every tote comes creativity, courage and the best accessory of all…confidence. Le Tote is a way for women to feel confident!
Second, it lets me play different roles — one weekend I am a punk/ mod city gal and the next a hippie, wearing wrap skirts and braids! The possibilities with each style are endless and each LT member gets to help in the collaboration of what she will wear. As a creative arts therapist, this is something I respect very much. The people at Le Tote get that we are unique and let us expand on how we want to look.
Third, it’s the little things: Including a measuring tape in the first tote to make sure your sizing is accurate, stickers with fierce quotes on them, emails that give inspiration… AMAZING! And such friendly staff. Finally, most importantly, the fact that you feature 100% authentically real women. I am not a model, I did not go to school for fashion and yet you have chosen me to represent Le Tote with pride. For this, I am grateful.
BONUS*** No laundry, how crazy awesome is that!


What are some of your earliest fashion memories?
Thanks to my mother, I was introduced to “fashion” at an early age. I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where my friends and I spent hours playing dress up in my mother’s clothes simply because they were “American clothes,” which made them fun and funny! (The idea of wearing shorts or heels was crazy to them, I won’t even get into how hilarious my mom’s bras were to them). My fashion sense was influenced in all of the wonderful Malay ways — bold colors, rich textures — and it is a miracle I don’t wear glitter everyday! Another time my fashion self was cultivated was when we moved back to the States. My mom saw my self-confidence wavering and went out on a whim to enroll me in a pageant… I then went on to have the luckiest streak of my life. Seriously, I should have played the lotto at least 5 times that year because I won. I won Houston, and then Texas, and finally Miss Pre-Teen America. I never did a pageant again, but the gift it gave me has lasted much longer than the trophy. I learned to embrace my uniqueness and have been doing so ever since.

What is the best style advice you have received and from who?
The amazing words I do my best to epitomize were spoken by my Nana: “Pretty is as pretty does, so do pretty.” The shell of a person is just that — the surface layer. It can be decorated in any way you choose. Authentic “style” and true beauty comes from within.

Your style shares are always amazing! Some tips on how to nail that Style Share?
Break the Mold: Remember you are borrowing these clothes so get outside of your comfort zone! You never know what is going to surprise you in the best way.
Don’t be afraid to trade: They allow you to swap out your items for a reason, so do so. This insures that you are getting looks you love, gives the stylists a better idea of what to select for you next time and keeps you excited about the package waiting on the doorstep!
Spread the word: When your gal pals say “Oh, so cute!” Thank them and then let them in on the secret. There are more ways to style share than in a blog or over Instagram; word of mouth goes a long way!


Finally, given a chance whose wardrobe would you steal?
Blake Lively, all the way! I would also have to steal her thighs and hair… you know, to complete the look! Another place of inspiration is fashion blogger Blair Eadie. Every post, update, or breath that woman takes is jaw dropping. Blair and Blake are stunning, fearless, and fun in their fashion. Exactly what I want to exemplify.





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