#NowTrending at the LT office

Summer trends that some of us at Le Tote are rocking at the moment: 


Christine, Marketing
Summers in San Francisco aren’t always the warmest, so sometimes a little layering makes all the difference! In this photo, I’ve layered a white tee under a suede tank and paired them with pleather shorts. I love mixing different textures, and a white tee is a great way to show off a tank or dress without getting too chilly! Sneakers offer a comfortable means of getting around the hilly city, and a bucket bag and watch finish off the look.

IMG_1789 copy

Ashley, Customer Loyalty
I’m in love with culottes right now   I’m pretty short, so wearing wide leg pants usually don’t look flattering on my figure. I love culottes because they’re cut just above the ankle, and it feels like i’m wearing pajamas!! I’m all about comfort, so these are right up my alley. I can throw on a tee, and a trendy necklace, and i’m ready to take on the world.


Maddie, Merchandising
The easiest trend for me these days is the everyday boho look. Effortless oversized dresses and messy hair is in right now, which is great for the someone like me who always wakes up too late! The 70s look is easy and laid back, perfect for warm summer days. The other trend I am totally into right now is the chokerOne of the buzziest items in accessories right now, there are wrap arounds, cuffs, and delicate chains. Intimidating at first, but not all chokers have to turn you into a 90s grunge babe. I love layering delicate chain chokers with longer necklaces for a feminine look to spice up a basic outfit.


Toshiko, Stylist
The LBD (little black dress) is overrated, what about all the little white dresses out there? When it comes to white, I definitely have a love-hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I love its freshness and simplicity. On the other hand, I feel like an accident is bound to happen, whether it be spilling a drink on myself or sitting on dirt. Luckily, nothing unfortunate happened on the day I wore this laced up white dress. Whew! I added a touch of fun and color with this cute crossbody bag with striped strap. 


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