Style Share Winner Of The Month: Riva Treasure

LT member Riva Treasure loves fashion and especially loves Le Tote! The spunky fashionista talks to us about a few of her favorite things — from movies to Mexican food, vintage shopping to dancing…

riva style

  • Three words that describe your personal style best:
    Bold, eclectic, chic. I love keeping it mixed up although you will probably catch in me in a blazer about 4 out of the 7 days of the week! I like to mix unexpected pieces such as a vintage thrifted top with a $1300 handbag.
Riva trends

Get the palm print pants here and the off-the-shoulder dress here

  • What summer trends are you rocking at the moment?
    The fringe, gladiator sandals, off-the-shoulder tops/dresses and bold prints. Summer is all about bold color blocking and having fun with prints. A good floral is so easy to work with but I have been drawn to water colors, abstract designs and palm print. The palm pants I received in my first Tote were very hard to send back!

riva film

  • Which is your fave fashion movie and what do you love most about it?
    Devil Wears Prada. Although I spent years working at various big box retail stores, I can imagine the corporate fashion world to be just as it was perceived in the film. How Anna, I mean Miranda, explains the way a color affects the world was very powerful. The fashion world is huge and affects everyone but a lot of people do not see it as an art form. Now only if I can get my husband to see how important clothes are to world and up my spending allowance, ha!

ss b collage

  • Who are some of your style icons?
    Style inspiration is everywhere — sometimes it’s people walking down the street, celebrities or my friends but I am most inspired from fashion and style bloggers. I am a huge fan of Aimee Song, Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity, Danielle of We Wore What and Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing. I like knowing they are real people, wearing real items I can actually get, the way they style their items and give testimonials… Although I love to look at celebrities, there is no way I can afford a $1K tank top or $50k hand bag!
  • What are a few of your fave things?
    So many! In random order, here a few top of my mind!
    Vintage shopping. Finding a new piece that was treasured by someone else and adding my own flare to make it my own. I always wonder who wore it before I did!
    My handsome husband, Michael, and fur child, Lola. 
    Mexican food, I mean who can say no to a jalapeno margarita? Our favorite restaurant in Milwaukee serves all food on paper plates and our bill is never over $20, which leaves more money for shoes (but don’t tell my husband).
    I love spending time with friends, discovering different bars and restaurants in town and binge watching Netflix with a glass of Pinot Noir.
    Dancing. Outside of my main job as a marketing director, I have been an Irish dance instructor for the last 8 years! I grew up dancing and was lucky enough to travel overseas for competitions, which also allowed me to discover a whole other world of fashion in Europe. I think I looked forward to the fashion just as much as dance competition! It was always fun to discover styles that had not made their way to the US yet.
    Style. Dressing for yourself is the most important thing. You won’t look good until you feel good, an outfit can make or break your mood! But if you ask my Dad how I got into fashion and styling, he would say me starting the side pony trend in my 2nd grade class is what kicked the obsession off!
    I love accessories. When I have no idea what to wear, I will keep it simple with skinny jeans, basic tank and statement necklace. I love that you can do so many things with different pieces. You can take a layered pearl necklace and wear it with a cocktail dress and then switch it up with and wear it with a graphic tee.
    Last but not the least, I love Le Tote! I have been so obsessed with my totes love enjoying styling my boxes and seeing how other bloggers and Tote fans are wearing their items.
  • What do you like best about being a Le Tote member?
    The ease of it! I love knowing and being able to choose what comes in my next box. It is a great opportunity to try new styles to see what works with your personal style and body type. My totes have a mix of different styles so I am able to do a ton of different looks from urban to uber girly! The communication is vital too, knowing when a box is coming or when it was returned makes it easy and fun, not to mention the shipping is so quick! As a new blogger, my subscription to Le Tote has been very helpful to create blog-worthy outfits in a heartbeat! Not to mention no laundry!

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