On our mind: #wanderlust

As the long weekend approaches, we let our mind travel to the most amazing corners of the world via these Instagram accounts. Le Sigh! 

@muradosmannmurad collage1

Russian photographer Muarad Osmann’s #followmeto started by accident in Barcelona when his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova pulled his hand, fed up of him constantly stopping for photos. Murad captured that moment and Follow Me was born. Together they have travelled the world, from India to Jordan, with a proposal and the wedding thrown in between. 

@roundtheworldgirlround the world

Elise Sterck aka Round The World Girl grew up in a ranch on the base of Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains. The travel bug bit her early and now Elise is quite literally the round the world girl. We want to be her!


This mountaineer is a landscape and adventure photographer and no one captures the outdoors like Jacob Moon. His philosophy is just as inspiring as his photography: “I go into the mountains. I rock climb, hike, fish and marvel at where I am at Now. It help me leave plans, past, and distractions at the trailheads and I enter into the Now. This practice of spending more time in the Now has helped me in my life as a whole to be in the Now more often and that is probably the most valuable lesson that the mountains have helped me learn.”


“Not all those who wander are lost.” We are obsessed with Australian blogger Jessica Stein’s Instagram where she effortlessly marries wanderlust with the most amazing wardrobe. From hosting picnics at Spoon Bay in Australia to fruit shopping in Sri Lanka, she makes us want to get a one-way ticket and wander forever.


Baby Esmé is one globetrotting baby. She and her mom take us on a whirlwind tour, from Ireland to Indonesia. This little one started travelling all over the world at 10 months and has covered 13 countries in less than a year. #travelgoals


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