Nail your next barbecue! Hello, hostess with the mostest!

Dress the part: If you dress the part, you will feel the part. Combine comfy and chic because you need to be fuss-free to be hands-on! Good looks for a barbecue include a relaxed tunic top or a maxi dress. Add a third piece in the form of a layered vest. And if you are a jeans and top kind of girl, there’s plenty to choose from here!

food collage1

Food & beverage: The secret to being a fantastic host is to never worry about running out! Craft a menu per your guest list, try to accommodate everyone’s needs within reason and you won’t regret it. Your vegan guest will really appreciate that black bean burger. Beer and BBQ go hand-in-hand but stocking on some wine and vodka is always welcome! If using containers with lids cramps your serving style, then you can spray some of that vodka on your picnic table to keep flies away!


Set the mood: A memorable tablescape, awesome music (we love Pandora’s ‘beach bar station for that chill vibe) and a beautified backyard… everything counts. DIY efforts are always great conversation starters. 

bbq recycle collageGo green: Recycling at a party may seem like a tall order but with a little planning and some labelling (and constant reminding) it’s not impossible.

PS: And finally, this. You’re welcome non-beer drinkers!

wine bb1



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