Five Tips For Packing Like A Pro

Here are some tips to help you pack like a pro — whether you heading to a tropical vacation or gearing up for some serious city action. 

Identify your MVPs

These should preferably be wrinkle-free and versatile. You might get a single wear out of your silk dress but carrying that cold shoulder top to take you from day to night, or a neutral sweater to mix-and-match might be more useful. Just throw on a statement accessory and these MVPs can be so easily dressed up. It’s also a good idea to swap that 20-shade eyeshadow palette for multitasking beauty products instead.

Plan your #ootds in advance

Whether you are going to the tropics or the mountains, instead of just throwing random options into your suitcase, having a clear(ish) idea helps. You might want to plan what you will wear with that velvet skirt or a tricky fringe vest. Organize your looks according to the trip’s itinerary and your destination’s weather forecast, while leaving scope for a few  last-minute events and spontaneous rain showers.

Be wise about accessories

Light-weight accessories like chokerstassel earrings and scarves can turn your look around. They are also the quickest way to update your look. Be realistic and rational about your shoe needs. A sightseeing trip might not need four pairs of sky-high heels but your feet will most definitely appreciate those comfy sneakers. You can Instagram your lace-up heels another time.

Plan your packing


Are you going to shop and start wearing your new clothes pronto (in which case you should pack less) or are you going to save the new dresses for your birthday weekend? Are you really going to reach out for that fuchsia lipstick you have not touched for the last six months? Pack practically and keep a last-minute checklist reminder for essentials like medicines and phone charger.  

Be a space saver


It’s as much about what you pack as it is about how you pack it. Know what you can roll in (tees, jeans and jersey dresses) and what needs to be laid flat out. Store your accessories in an evening clutch you plan to carry on your vacation instead of a separate jewelry case. And ditch your full-size toiletries for travel-size samples. 


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