Style 411: Summer braids

Braids make everything so easy breezy. Here is how you can recreate three of our favorite styles: 

The milkmaid braidswift collage1

Recreate Taylor Swift‘s braided updo by make a messy bun separating a two-inch section of hair and securing it with an elastic. Braid this section and wrap it around your head, securing with bobby pins on both sides. You can also create a milkmaid braid by making two regular braid pigtails and then pinning them at the crown of the head like a headband.

The festival braidkate braid collage

Kate Bosworth‘s braid at Coachella last year is pinned in our memory and moodboard forever! Middle part of your hair and take a small section starting at your forehead and ending at the crown. Create a cornrow braid from the crown and split the end of the braid in two sections once you reach the crown. Secure the braid with a bobby pin, and wrap the two sections to frame your face. Then, Instagram it!

The fishtail braidblake collage

Blake Lively is almost the brand ambassador for the modern fishtail braid! Separate your hair into two sections instead of the usual three. Pull out a half-inch section of hair from close to your ear on the right section of your head and cross it over to the left section from underneath. Do the same taking a half-inch piece from the left section, crossing it over to the right and continue till the ends. Fasten the braid with a tie and elastic and relax it with a slight pull and tug for that messy vibe.


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