Famous folks & their totes: Boho 2.0

These four fashion forward women confidently leave their stripes and solids behind and wear their bohemian style on their flared sleeve! Get inspired by the new boho moodboard this season. It’s easy, it’s elevated and it’s oh-so-chic. 

Kate Bosworth: Elevated bohemia kate updated

  1. Pendant necklace: An accessory that doesn’t scream for attention tops Kate Bosworth’s elevated bohemian style board.
  2. Floaty chiffon dress: How can anyone say no to a pretty chiffon dress that flutters in the wind?
  3. Trendy top: A top with darling detail is screaming to be paired with a pair of matching-shorts, Kate Bosworth style.
  4. Statement jacket: Take your simple outfit up by many notches with a statement coat as effective as this one.
  5. Fringe bag: It’s not bohemian enough if it doesn’t come with a fringe!

Nicole Richie: The quintessential boho babe nicole collage

  1. Embroidered blouse: What striped shirts are to most people, an embroidered blouse is to Nicole Richie! She isn’t known as the original poster girl of boho chic without good reason.
  2. Multitasking Necklace: Missing a head accessory? No problem. Just turn that tassel necklace into a headpiece!
  3. Wrap maxi dress: Nicole doesn’t shy away from a strong print. And if it comes in such a flattering wrap silhouette, it’s a double win.
  4. Enamel necklace: We bet she would live in it. We would too!
  5. Printed maxi: You can’t have enough maxi dresses. Not when boho days are on your mind.
    PS: Get access to Nicole Richie’s jewelry brand House of Harlow here.

    Sienna Miller: Miss easy-breezy sienna collage

    1. Denim vest: For all those days when you need a layer that’s just light enough, a denim vest does the job in style.
    2. Colorful top: Let Sienna Miller inspire you to give your stripes and solids a summer vacation.
    3. Cuff: A statement cuff completes your #ootd in true boho style.
    4. Neutral necklace: A necklace that is never too much, just playing peek-a-boo every once in a while.
    5. Little printed dress: Dress it up or down, you can’t do bohemian without the LPD — a little printed dress.

Vanessa Hudgens: The free spirited fashionista vanessa collage

  1. Silver necklace: Vanessa’s go-to accessory almost always is a necklace. We can totally see her rocking this beauty at Coachella.
  2. Printed maxi dress: The easiest way to channel a free spirit look, a maxi is a must-have this summer.
  3. A statement cape: A wrap or cape effortlessly takes the classic jeans-tee combo from a city brunch to a festival. So simple, so boho-chic!
  4. Arm candy aka cuff: A jingle of bangles or the boho appeal of a cuff, bare arms are so boring.
  5. Denim shorts: Pretty white blouse, relaxed striped tee, tiny cropped top..  paired with just about anything, the MVP title goes to these cute denim shorts!

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