Style Lessons Learned From Our Moms


This Mother’s Day, team Le Tote looks back at some of the top fashion lessons our moms taught us. Mom, we are so thankful — today and always! 

lauren MD

Lauren M
“Shopping for new clothes was a special treat and my mom always gave us a budget we had to stick to. I learned early on how to find value and stretch my budget while also occasionally splurging for that piece I couldn’t do without. Decades later, I find I’m building my wardrobe with the same mentality, and Le Tote of course!”


Luke L
“Mamma bear has taught me a ton but two lessons that immediately come to mind are 1) get it done right the first time and 2) always return things in better condition than you received them. She’s a boss lady.”


Shradha A
“Five fashion things I learned (and still learning) from my mom:

  1. Less is more. Just because the necklace came with earrings, you don’t have to wear it together.
  2. A hint of blush makes everything okay.
  3. You don’t need designer labels to make a style statement. My mom can rock a simple cotton tee at cocktail hour. I can only dream of that kind of confidence.
  4. Sit like a lady. (Not happening in this lifetime.)
  5. Be proud of where you come from. Make the sari your best friend.”


Nikki H
“Never wear short and short. Which means, if you are wearing a short skirt, wear a less revealing top. And if you are wearing a revealing top, show less leg. All about keeping the balance and dressing like a lady.”

bryn MD collage

Bryn N
“Mom makes fashion suggestion? Listen. So, yeah, shout out to my mom. I wouldn’t be here without my artistic, beautiful, and talented mother. She has the best taste, best advice, and made me the somewhat stylish girl I am today. #MomKnowsBest. Here are some of the many, many lessons she taught me — on style and beyond: 

  • Our utmost truth can be felt in the joy we feel. Keep following it.
  • Always wear the right bra, never have your bra straps showing.
  • Wear pants with short dresses!
  • She always encouraged me to dress in vintage pieces, go to thrift shops, and find a good deal. I raided her closet in middle school all of the time and won best dressed!
  • Wear heels for yourself, not the opposite sex. She always encouraged a block heel or wedge over a stiletto.”

kavita MD
Kavita S

“If done with sophistication, you’ll always be in style.”

maddy MD

Maddie M
“My mom always let me dress myself growing up, even if what I put together was super wacky or scary. She always encouraged me to dress how I like, and not how the rest of my peers dressed. Like that one time I tried to bring back the side pony in junior high… best momma eva!”

madan MD
Madan A

“Wear what makes you happy and feel good. Don’t care what the others think!”






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