How to insta-luxe your style

Here are 10 commandments to give your style a dash of insta-luxe:

The inspirationinta luxe col2

Monochrome palette: Keeping your palette to one single family of color makes a look instantly luxe and chic. We love neutrals like blush, tan, ivory or greige (the perfect mix of beige and grey — fashion’s newest color crush). A monochrome palette always looks polished. Case in point: Olivia Palermo.

Belt up: Adding a belt is the simplest way to insta-luxe any look, especially if that belt comes over a jacket.

Fit matters: Clothes that fit better look better. Investing in a tailor pays off.   

Keep it classic: Don’t go over the top by trying to add too many trends in one look. Include some classic elements in your #ootd.  

Feel the fabric: And avoid combining too many textures all at once.   

Add a third piece: It pulls the look together. Here are some of our fave third pieces from Le Tote for that touch of luxe.

The moodboardlux col1

The bag & shoes: Whether they are simple or statement, these are deal breakers.   

Top it up: A touch of makeup, a simple mani, neat hair and a signature perfume, everything goes a long way.

Accessorize smart: Sleek accessories like a skinny scarf or a Y-chain always look polished. We selected some of our most luxe accessories for you! 

Iron it out: Get rid of any loose threads, iron out any wrinkles. And give yourself a final look-over once before grabbing your jacket.

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