Summer wedding 101

Going to weddings can be daunting but they don’t have to be! Here are four fabulous tips from four fabulous ladies from Le Tote on how to nail a summer wedding in style! 

#1 Rock red if you want to!wedding2

Bryn N, Marketing: “I was terrified to wear red to a wedding but I got this dress at a sample sale and I was in LOVE with it. I did a lot of research and found out from most major fashion publications, editors, and family members that the rule, ‘Never wear red to a wedding,’ is totally outdated. I wore it and definitely didn’t regret it for a second. You can NEVER outshine a bride, so go ahead and wear red.”

Take a pick from some of Le Tote’s red hot dresses! 

#2 Accessorize wise wedding  4

Nikki H, Office Manager: “I always recommend that if you are wearing heels (per request from the bride), get ones that have straps. With all the dancing, you’ll want to feel secure! (And carrying spare flats never hurts anyone!) Second, use a tiny clutch to carry everything. No one likes a giant purse! Finally, if you are a bridesmaid, be low maintenance. It is time to focus on the bride, so make sure you bring your fun positive attitude, bobby pins, an emergency makeup kit and some tissues!”

Complete your #ootd with these accessories from Le Tote

#3 Comfort comes first, especially on the dance floor!  wedding3

 Emily F, Marketing: “Make sure you wear something that you not only feel beautiful in, but are also comfortable in. Chances are that the bride and groom have worked hard to find a band or a DJ who they are excited about and they want their guests to dance and have fun. There’s nothing’s worse than being in a dress that you feel hot or constrained or uncomfortable in because you want to be able to get up and enjoy yourself, because as a bride there’s nothing you want more than see your guests having fun.”

These dresses combine comfort with elegance. A match made in style heaven. 

#4 A bold lipstick is your BFF wedding 6

Tessa G, Merchandising: “I always love to use a bold lipstick to brighten up my outfit. It always seems fitting for a special occasion like a wedding and instantly glams up any look.”

lipsticks tessa

Tessa’s pop picks: MAC Vegas Volt, Maybelline Red Revival and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 116 Mighty  

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