Style share of the week

This week’s Style Share winner Caitlin has 3 passions in life; Singing, Le Tote, and her dog Taco. We got to know her worst fear, the odd gifts she gets from her hubby, and why having your own unique style is critical to staying confident. 


Max Studio Printed Flower Jumpsuit & Rebecca Minkoff Bar Long Pendant Necklace

“By day I work in an office and also work part time as a bartender at Disney. My true passion is songwriting and music. I play music out locally on the weekends from time to time and it’s awesome having new outfits come straight to my door to wear out to different venues.”

1) The piece of make-up I always have on a night out is……….would have to be lip gloss.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.07.33 AM.png

2) I’m totally addicted to…Taco&Caitlin
a) Chocolate
b) My phone
c) The song….
d) Pinterest
e) Other………….

Other! Besides being addicted to LeTote (I get super excited when I see that box outside my door) I’m also totally addicted to the new addition to my family, my dog Taco. I’ve always been a “crazy cat lady” but now I’ve also crossed over to the dog world. He’s my little buddy and I can’t get enough of his cute face.

3) The most unusual gift I’ve ever received is……..Workout clothes. Wasn’t exactly what I wanted for an anniversary gift, but bless his heart for trying (I still married him anyway).


Hooded Vegan Leather Jacket

4) It’s odd, but I’m deathly afraid of…….Helicopters. I WILL NEVER ride in one, even if someone paid me. 


It’s okay Caitlin, apparently a fear of flying makes you fabulous. Here are 10 celebrities that are terrified of getting up in the air.

5) My style icon is………My friend, Devan Markiewicz. She has her own unique style and puts her own personal customization on each outfit she wears. She also has designed her very own leather clutches that she crafts my hand.


Max Studio Printed Flower Jumpsuit & Rebecca Minkoff Bar Long Pendant Necklace

6) If you could give your fellow toter’s one piece of Style advice, what would it be? I believe you should wear what you feel good in and make sure its flattering for your figure.

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