Talking Finances with Le Tote CFO, Amy Ard

Meet Amy Ard, Le Tote’s Chief financial officer. Sure, she’s the person you want to go to with your money matters but she’s also the person you secretly want to go for happy hour with! She smiles with her eyes (giggles on occasion too) — and if tax season has her all stressed, she’s very, very good at hiding it! From making a great first impression to making the right financial decisions, over to Amy for more… 


  • How was the transition from your previous job where you were at a well structured, billion $ company to coming to work at Le Tote which is still an early-stage company?

The transition has been challenging, but it’s also been fun. Part of the reason I wanted to join an early-stage company was for the challenge of it. I have worked in larger companies my entire career, and I wanted to try something new and be part of a different type of culture. It is definitely challenging to be the first full-time finance person because the processes have not been fully defined, but I feel like this gives me a chance to create a structure that makes sense. I had underestimated how open everyone would be — to opinions, questions and ideas — and this is refreshing, especially since larger companies are more resistant to change. I’m having a really good time here and go home every night with a smile on my face. In fact, even my wardrobe is happy with the transition. It’s more fun and less conservative!

  • What signs/metrics do you look at to know that the business is strong and we’re on the right track?

I think growth is a critical success factor for any company — large or small — because investors at any level need to see growth and believe that there is an ability to continue to grow. The other thing is positive margins and the ability to improve those margins as you grow. Growth is only good if you are actually making money. In an early stage company, you might not be making money at the outset but the ability to generate those margins and continue to grow is really important.

  • What are some things to remember to make a good first impression at work?

First, be confident. You know yourself better than anyone else. You have to present yourself as a confident human being and as someone with a good story to tell. It’s also important to be aware of your body language, to be engaged in the conversation and be mindful of what you are doing. Looking away and twitching can be distracting from the real conversation. Show interest in what the other person is saying. Everyone wants to be heard but the person you are talking to must feel that you are listening to them as well.

  • What are some tips for a woman to be successful in a career in a male-dominated domain like finance?

It was not until quite late in my career when I started to look around in an executive meeting and saw that I was either the only female in the room or one of maybe two in a group of 20! My number 1 tip to be successful in any career is to enjoy what you do. I enjoy finance — it is like a puzzle and I like understanding how the pieces get put together. It’s simple — if you like what you do, you become invested in it and you will then work harder. Hard work is critical to be successful.

Secondly, you have to be open to listening to everybody, especially if you work in finance. Finance is really the culmination of everything else that’s happening in a company. In order to grow in financial roles, you have to actually get out from behind your desk, talk to people, ask questions and understand what’s going on so you can have an appreciation for how all the pieces are actually fitting together.

amy col work.jpg

  • What are the first steps in making good financial decisions?

Day to day, it’s all about understanding the ins and the outs — financials are ultimately about plusses and minuses. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You know what your paycheck is, but you have to know your own spending patterns as well. When making a large financial decision, there are other factors that are not just about the numbers. Ask yourself: What’s my goal? And will you get more from that investment than you would get from making other alternative investments or decisions? That is a financial question as well as a personal question. Good decisions cannot only be about money but also about what you are trying to achieve as a person. The basic personal question is whether the reward — financial or otherwise — is good enough to justify the risk.

amy travel1

“Scandinavian countries (some of my roots), Tokyo and China — I would tell my younger self to invest in that travel. To be a carefree nomad!”

  • Advice to your younger self?  

I have only one thing to tell my younger self: travel more. You learn so much about the world and yourself as you experience new cultures.

  • Who are three women who changed your life & what are the lessons they taught you?

The first is my mom. She inspired confidence. She gave me all the confidence in the world to do whatever I want to do. She probably regrets that now, since I live 3,000 miles away from her! The second person is my freshman high school English teacher — weird but true. She gave me a failing grade on my first paper, and I wasn’t someone who was used to failing.  Through the rest of the year, she worked with me and made me a much better writer. Failing and then coming out of it with a good grade at the end helped me learn that failure isn’t failure. Failure is an opportunity to grow and learn, and I don’t think I would have ever reached that conclusion without having a her as a teacher.

During senior year of college, I was a nanny for a woman with two daughters. Linda was a very accomplished woman, an executive at a pharmaceutical company, but it was not her career that inspired me.  She was the most open and inviting woman that I have met in my entire life. Everyone was always welcome in her house, and people would come over at all hours of the day — breakfast, lunch, dinner, impromptu parties … She had such an open heart. She taught me about understanding people and relationships, which is so important in all aspects of life — and I am very grateful to her for that.

  • How do you use Le Tote?

I have a lot of basics in my closet, and what I love about Le Tote is that brings a flair to my wardrobe that I wouldn’t normally have. It lets me test out colors and styles that I normally wouldn’t buy. For someone who is a basic black-navy-gray dresser, I love that I can get to try bright colors and prints. If I love it, I get to keep it or at least get it out of my system! (See grid above for Amy’s Le Tote picks) 

amy col1

“Walking my dog Franklin helps me clear my mind! And the hills of San Francisco are a great workout too!”

  • How do you unwind after a day of number-crunching?

Walking my dog, Franklin, at the end of the day is the best way for me to unwind. Like all dogs, he is always super happy to see me and loves unconditionally. Even in the cold Philadelphia winters, I would walk him every day. Walking him while getting some fresh air helps me reset and get ready for the next day.

  • And lastly, what do you recommend to do on a sunny day in Philadelphia?

On a sunny day in Philadelphia, you go to Reading Terminal Market and get some good picnic food. Then, you go to Rittenhouse Square to just sit, people-watch and enjoy the weather. Rittenhouse is a smaller, cozier version of Dolores Park — it’s beautiful and situated in the middle of pretty architecture and trees. If you are a runner, it’s really nice to run along the river and down Kelly Drive. And then complete the workout at the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art’s “Rocky” steps.



  1. Laura Rivera
    April 6, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    Great interview with an inspiring woman! I am a Finance Manager with a large pharma company outside of Philadelphia, with aspirations of someday being a CFO (and a curiosity about working at a start-up), so a lot of this article resonated with me. I have also just recently discovered and fallen in LOVE with Le Tote and, in my admiration and finance nerdiness, have often found myself wondering about the business model and leadership and how they are managing what must be tremendous growth. This was a little peek behind the closet door, so to speak, so thanks!

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    Роман Викторович Василенко — российский пирамидщик, связан с конторами «Жилищный кооператив Best Way» и «Life is good». В последнее время пробует свои «навыки» в коучинге. Засветился на сильном самопиаре (регулярно в него вливаются огромные денежные суммы). В связи с разоблачением в России переехал на работу в Казахстан и другие республики бывшего СССР. Пытается удалять негативные публикации о себе из интернета.

    1 Биография
    2 Компромат
    3 Самопиар
    4 Ссылки

    Родился 5 апреля 1969 года в Ленинграде.

    Окончил Ярославское Высшее Военное Финансовое училище.

    Работал военным, на флоте.

    С 1998 года деятельность Василенко носит, в основном, сомнительный характер.

    С 1998 года связан с конторой «Save-Invest».

    С 2010 года связан с пирамидой «Life division».

    С 2013 года связан с конторой «International Financial Community», которая реализовала мошеннический продукт «WellMax». Скам данной «программы» был списан на некий «рейдерский захват фирмы Василенко».

    С 2014 года связан с финансовыми пирамидами «Life is Good Ltd.» и «Best Way». Является номинальным директором данных контор.

    С 2017 года работает в связке с Владимиром Соловьёым и Радиславом Гандапасом, проводя «мастер-классы» с ценой в диапазоне 150—1000 $ за вход с одного человека.


    Фотошоп «встречи» Василенко с Трампом
    На форуме размещана специальная тема «Жилищная пирамида — ЖК Best Way (Бест Вей)», в которой подробно расписывается мошенничество пирамиды и Василенко в частности.] Наиболее интересные комментарии:

    у того же Романа Василенко рыльце-то в пушку — до Life is Good им были созданы лохотроны-скамы Life Division, Good Life и International Financial Community.
    А сам Роман Василенко — белый и пушистый. Создатель новой финансовой пирамиды ЖК БЕСТ ВЕЙ. Что он сам нам и доказал. И что создатель и что — ПИРАМИДА.
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    Я думал, что пирамиды под видом ЖК уже отошли.
    К статье «Good Life лохотрон? International Financial Community пирамида?» имеются комментарии:]

    А вот Василенко пользовался услугами All Together вор и мошенник умышлено создал скандал передрал Profit Max и маркетинг. Обзвонил всех моих сотрудников до первого уровня и тянет людей в не существующую Good Life нет документов и лицензий. Спасите людей от этих аферистов Василенко и Валдай.
    Дмитрий, почему бы вам не рассказать читателям о том, что Романа Василенко, которого Вы уличили в воровстве именно за это и выгнали из этой сомнительной Гуд Лайф 21 января по решению совета так называемых директоров. Его с позором отвезли в аэропорт и выгнали из Турции прямо с семинара.
    На сайте «УралБизнесКонсалтинг» вышла разоблачающая мошенническую схему Василенко статья «„Бэст Вэй“: пирамида для предпринимателей».]

    Алексей Горелов в своем блоге пишет следующее о Василенко:

    Мне всегда становится весело в таких случаях. Все три предыдущих прожекта провалились, люди в предыдущих «прожектах» потеряли деньги, тысячи поломанных судеб, но… он ни при чём! «Его подставили»!]
    На портале Кредиттотзыв.ру вышла тема «В Набережных Челнах открылся филиал ЖК „БестВей“, который сразу окрестили пирамидой».]

    В июне 2017 года Прокуратура Астаны начала расследование в отношении 7 компаний по подозрению в создании инвестиционных пирамид, в их числе оказался и Best Way:

    В связи с тем, что в деятельности потребительских кооперативов «Единый выбор», «Фри Хоум» (Free-DOM Servise), «Бест Вэй» (Best Way), «Свой квадрат», EmpeReal Profit, «Общий дом» и ТОО Dream Life усматриваются признаки инвестиционной пирамиды, Департаментом государственных доходов Астаны в отношении руководителей этих организаций проводятся досудебные расследования по статье 217 УК РК «Создание и руководство финансовой и инвестиционной пирамидой».]
    На портале Инсайдер.орг вышла аналитическая статья «Тюрьма и нары: лучший путь для Ромы Василенко», в которой достойные внимания следующие утверждения:

    Сомнения в честности и законности ЖК появляются уже на первых этапах знакомства с условиями договора. Например, настораживает то, что сотрудники компании предлагают в качестве взноса за предполагаемую квартиру отдать материнский капитал или сертификат «Молодая семья», что, согласно закону, они делать не имеют права. Однако, сообщники Ромы Василенко, обожающего фотографироваться в военной форме на фоне полуголых моделей, не брезгуют ничем.
    Внакладе не останется, похоже, лишь Рома Василенко, который лично для себя элитную недвижимость – где-нибудь на теплых заморских берегах – уж точно за чужие средства приобрел. Ну, а не особо разборчивые б..ди, к которым так неравнодушен «жилищный Мавроди», на капитал, украденный у стариков и многодетных матерей, всегда охотно набегут, как крысы на разлагающийся труп.]
    На портале Неолурк в разоблачающей статье «Роман Василенко» указывается, что:

    Пытается выставлять себя успешным бизнесменом, тренером, гуру. На самом деле — лицо разных пирамид, пешка в игре крупных сил.
    Василенко вложился в саморекламу. Так, он смог купить с потрохами многие средства массовой информации.]
    В сентябре 2018 года вышла разоблачающая статья «Белгород не поверил в Best Wаy», в которой говорится:

    После активизации деятельности петербургского жилищного кооператива Best Wаy в Белгородской области региональные власти опубликовали официальное предостережение для потенциальных покупателей жилья и направили запрос о проверке деятельности ЖК в прокуратуру.]
    Роман Василенко и его кураторы вливают большие денежные средства для пиара как Best Way, так и самого Василенко. Созданы следующие проплаченные публикации в крупных СМИ: «Президент холдинга Life is Good Роман Василенко: жилищный кооператив — это альтернатива ипотеки с низким процентом рассрочки» (Интерфакс), “Роман Василенко: «Хорошо гражданам — хорошо стране» (Правда.ру), «Роман Василенко: современные методы для сохранения человеческого капитала в России» (Вести.ру), «Роман Василенко — Парадигма Успеха!» (Известия), «Возрождая традиции прошлого: в Крыму прошел бал офицеров» (Звезда).

    Роман Василенко также занимался самопиаром в «Википедии»: создавалась статья «Василенко, Роман Викторович», которая была удалена в июне 2015 со следующими комментариями:

    Значимость этой статьи для Википедии ставлю под сомнение, фактически всё сводится к рекламе «Бест Вэй», который сам по себе крайне сомнителен.
    Соответствие критериям ВП:КЗП предпринимателя не показано — ещё один мелкий гешефтмахер от сетевого маркетинга.0] В английском отделении «Википедии» созданная статья «Roman Vasilenko» существует до сих пор.
    Помимо «Википедии» статьи про Василенко обнаружены на вики-порталах,,, которые обогащены негативной информацией:

    Его оппоненты утверждают, что созданные им структуры имеют признаки финансовой пирамиды.1]
    Ссылка на критику была размещена в ныне удаленной статье в русской Википедии о Василенко, в ответ с IP и за подписью «Юридический отдел ЖК „Бест Вей“» было размещено требование удалить ссылку на критику под угрозой обратиться в суд, на что Джекалоп ответил «Вперёд. Обращайтесь»2] Также есть материал на, пока не обогащённый компроматом.
    Василенко замечен в любви к экстравагантной форме самопиара — создание фотошоп-изображений, где Василенко находится рядом с очень известными людьми, особое внимание заслуживает фотошоп, на котором Василенко «встречается» с Дональдом Трампом (есть даже «фотошопное» видео «встречи»)

  8. August 29, 2020 / 11:48 am

    Predictors and scientific implications of a false negative glucose problem take a look at in being pregnant. Botulinum toxin results take about two weeks to totally develop and last three to four months. In all instances, following polypectomy histological One ought to ensure that it’s a polyp and not uterine examination ought to be carried out muscle relaxant parkinsons disease [url=]purchase 60mg mestinon[/url]. Also important was the observation that as much as 25% of patients who obtained vemurafenib developed squamous carcinoma of the pores and skin, typically within the form of keratoacanthomas. The term could also be used interchangeably with ParinaudпїЅs syndrome or pretectal syndrome.
    Ethical points relating to renal substitute therapy are drawing growing attention for the reason that determination-making process close to the top of life, or at a time when the patient realizes the presence of an end-stage disorder, has a social and psychological intensity that clearly differentiates it from routine scientific encounters. The iii) Biphasic pattern shows combined growth having tumour is critical in view of its recognised affiliation with epithelial as well as sarcomatoid pattern. See Chapter eight for extra details пїЅ Extremity sensory changes concerning interpretation of findings antimicrobial keratolytic follicular flushing [url=]order ceftin 250mg on line[/url]. Implementation Tardive syndromes are persistent irregular involuntary movement issues caused by sustained exposure to antipsychotic medication, the commonest of that are tardive dyskinesia, tardive dystonia, and tardive akathisia (Frei et al. In humans, greater than ninety p.c of inorganic arsenite and arsenate from water is absorbed (Vahter, 1983), and approximately 60 to 70 p.c of dietary arsenic is absorbed (Hopenhayn-Rich et al. Much indirect evidence is shown by completely different sorts of animal models, such as experimental immunization, growth of spontaneous autoimmunity, and animal fashions produced by manipulation of the immune system. Part 14: Pediatric Advanced Life Support: 2010 American Heart Association guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care. In Eastern Asia and South-Eastern Asia there may be extensive variation amongst nations within the age sample of childbearing herbals teas safe during pregnancy [url=]order discount slip inn line[/url]. Estrogenic/antiestrogenic and scavenging properties of (E)and 81 (Z)-resveratrol. Over 1 month, orally, 50-100microgram/kg (to the nearest 500microgram) given the night time earlier than and/or a minimum of 1 hour before the process. This sort of therapy is reserved for clearly seasonal diseases that cannot be adequately managed with medication. Advanced (metastatic) cancers Cancers which have spread to lymph nodes or other organs are categorised as advanced. These findings include new-onset seizures, signs suspicious for house-occupying lesions (such as papilledema and focal neurologic signs), and reasonable to severe impairment in consciousness [url=]buy cheap exforge 80 mg on line[/url]. Under this new mannequin of pre-trial criminal justice, the government won’t be able to proceed to trial till the defendant has been supplied with all data in the case towards them. As this recommendation is supposed as a foundational guideline, the workgroup encourages further investigation of metrics associated to hysterectomy outcomes that are helpful for high quality enchancment and relevant to sufferers. May not develop symptoms until late being pregnant (splenic sequestration and marrow necrosis). This does not apply with respect to any Claim Determination PeпїЅ riod or Benefit Program yr during which any advantages are actually paid or provided earlier than the entity has that actual information. The testes produce and manufacture spermatozoa by way of the method of spermatogenesis [url=]purchase viramune 200mg otc[/url]. Dhaka: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of the PeopleпїЅs Republic of Bangladesh; 2012. Note 2: If present, a high Gleason Tertiary Pattern appears to be an indication for a worse end result.

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    A systematic review of minimally atrial fibrillation using minimal invasive surgical procedure and high invasive surgical remedy for atrial fibrillation: a comparintensity centered ultrasound. The growth of infectious-inflammatory process in bronchial tree of those that have occupational bronchial asthma are assisted by atrophic processes in the mucous (results of the contamination of the manufacturing setting with matters of irritating motion: solvents, acids, alkaline, vapors and gases of assorted poisonous matters). Diazepam was administered half-hour after oxycodone to ship peak serum concentrations of each drugs at near the same time erectile dysfunction treatment vacuum device [url=]cheap kamagra soft 100 mg mastercard[/url]. The Parties shall in good faith negotiate a substitute clause for any provision declared invalid or unenforceable, which shall most nearly approximate the intent of the Parties in coming into this Agreement. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the most typical leukemia in adults and is often found in these older than 70 years.
    Wound dehiscence Incisional separation of Incisional separation >25% of Fascial disruption or Life-threatening Death <=25% of wound, no deeper wound with local care; dehiscence with out penalties; symptomatic than superficial fascia asymptomatic hernia or evisceration; major wound hernia with evidence of symptomatic hernia with out closure or revision by strangulation; fascial evidence of strangulation operative intervention disruption with evisceration; indicated main reconstruction flap, grafting, resection, or amputation indicated Definition: A discovering of separation of the approximated margins of a surgical wound. Responses to single pulse electrical stimulation establish epileptogenesis in the human brain in vivo. Are assisted reproduction procedures protected and effcient in systemic lupus erythematosusfi erectile dysfunction protocol scam [url=]discount kamagra polo 100 mg with visa[/url]. Do they've diffculty utilizing their hands and ft when asked to observe motor instructionsfi. Recognize the laboratory findings, together with gene evaluation, in patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism 7.

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