Meet the bag lady: Danielle Nicole

Five quick questions with accessory designer Danielle Nicole: danielle1

How would you describe the brand philosophy of Danielle Nicole?

Danielle Nicole Handbags fuse runway inspiration and real life accessibility in a new modern, feminine, and contemporary way. The brand represents a fresh new modern twist on classic styling and incorporates custom hardware and exclusive materials from around the world.  Our look is a mix of understated elegance and confident minimalism.

Looking back, what was the turning point in your career?

In 2010, O, The Oprah Magazine selected my handbag (out of 200 other designers) for Oprah’s O You! event in Atlanta, Georgia. My signature Sydney Shopper Tote was given to 5,500 attendees. I had the chance to personally meet Oprah and thank her; that was definitely a high point in my career.

What are some things a woman must do right to seal a spot in the Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list?

An enthusiastic team players, creative thinkers, and a passionate and dedicated individuals.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 3.32.48 PM
What are the kind of five must-haves in every working woman’s closet?

A black clutch,  statement necklace, leather jacket, nude pumps and a little black dress.

You just launched your jewelry collection. What is the next step in building your lifestyle brand?  

Our next category will be home decor and shoes.



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