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Our ears have been burning— so we scoured the depths of the inter webs to find out what people have been saying about us. While down in the trenches, we dug up such good dirt that we decided to share it. Here’s what real, honest, under the radar fashion bloggers have to say about their Le Tote experiences. These bloggers aren’t affiliates of Le Tote, meaning their opinions are completely unbiased— they’re just telling it like it is! 

Jessica S. of Daily Brunch

Her Tote


Her Thoughts

“I was interested to see if this would save me money in the long run from spending money of trendy items. I feel like I usually spend more than $60 on clothes a month. So I’m excited to give Le Tote a try! I have not been disappointed yet! Plus, an extra bonus, the customer service is amazing.

“So far Le tote is working out great for me! Cannot wait to see what I am styled next!”

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Carissa H. of Legally Charming Style

Her Thoughts


“With bar prep coming up & no income coming in, this is probably one of two subscription boxes I’ll be keeping (I currently receive Le Tote, Rocksbox, Ipsy, & Birchbox).  For me, having new clothes to rotate into my wardrobe helps my budget astoundingly. I’m less inclined to shop for a big event coming up when I can just swap in my box and get something that’ll be appropriate for what I need. This cuts down my shopping budget big time while allowing me to always have something new. There’s also the option to suspend the service for a week or month at a time if your finances get tight, which I’ll likely be doing in August. ”

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  1. Monica Nelson
    April 3, 2016 / 10:04 am

    Carissa is 100% right! Although LeTote is a fixed cost to add into your budget each month, it cuts back on the shopping trips for a new shirt to wear out or clothes for a business trip. With the ability to tailor your tote right before it is shipped you have the flexibility to choose your items based on your week’s plans, which is a lifesaver in some cases.

    I have been a member for 4 months now and have not been disappointed yet. Keep up the good work!!

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