How do you live #lifeunlimited?

Step into the world of LT Ambassador Grace. Where work, home, and motherhood tend to (fabulously) blur into one. The common denominator? The consistency of always having something new to wear— and never having to leave the house to get it!

The Office


“At the office I wore this year’s new trend the cape blazer. The pinky peach is the perfect color to bring in spring.”

Day at the Museum

“The next day I went to the Science Museum with my daughter’s class. It was a great day to throw on this light peachy sweater, jeans and the same necklace I paired with the blazer the day before.”

Everything in Between


“When I work from home it’s important to have all my things stored together to transport from office to home. Instead of a boring black briefcase I used this tote to haul stuff to my desk at work to my desk at home. It is so cute, functional and goes with my black, white and mint office colors.”

“For all your day to day styling needs Le Tote styled boxes have got you covered.”

How do you live #lifeunlimited? Tag #letote and #lifeunlimited in your instagram or comment below to show us! 

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