Spring detox 101

Spring cleaning is in the air! Here is how you can started, with some help from Le Tote! 

How many items have you bought and only worn once? With LT you’ll never do this again. Actually wear an item out before you decide to buy it. Why do it any other way, when you can try before you buy!

Overflowing laundry basket? No more!


You know those trends you love all over social media and you are iffy about on yourself? Test those trends without the commitment. This way you declutter — in advance — by never investing in a trendy piece that might go out of style.

With LT, you always have something new to wear. Means you buy less. And that means you clutter less.

You know those separates hanging at the back of your closet you never know what to team with? Try to find the right separate match at Le Tote and if you can’t find the missing link in our online catalog, it’s time to say goodbye to those pieces.


When you are in doubt about a certain piece and are confused about letting it go, style the look as you would if you were heading out — shoes, accessories et all. Still not feeling inspired? Let it go. Or better still, have a mini fashion show in your closet with your best friends.  Don’t forget the yay or nay placards!


Hanger trick. This is an old trick which really works: Turn all your hangers in one direction and once you wear a garment, flip it around. Access the hanger situation six months on and you will know exactly which clothes you wear and those that are untouched.

For more tricks and tips on decluttering, there is some further reading by Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo. While you are spring cleaning your closet, don’t forget other rooms in your home, especially the kitchen and your beauty supplies. It’s important to keep a check on those expiration dates.

Declutter your mind. Deep breaths, long walks, brunch with your best friend, yoga. Detox the negativity and make place for happy thoughts.  

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.00.03 PMFinally, don’t forget to clean out your virtual LT closet and refresh it in time for the new season’s new styles. Hello, mineral stones, spring pastels and florals!


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