Style Share: 1 tote, 5 days, 5 ways!

We challenged LT Ambassador Emily to style her tote 5 different ways for 5 different days! See how she took her tote from a rock concert to brunching with the girls.

I’m a makeup artist so I wear a lot of darker colors to blend in behind the scenes. Grey, black and this pale blue were perfect colors for my week. Find out how I styled this months tote below!

Look 1: A little leather goes a long way

I was so excited to get my hands on this blazer! As soon as my tote came in the mail I put this outfit together. This suede top paired perfectly with it and I wanted to play with different textures so I popped on these leather leggings. I wanted to challenge myself with this bag and see how many things I could pair it with. Fortunately I was able to pair it with almost every outfit! It’s an olive green but it’s neutral enough to go along with a lot of different colors. Now this necklace was my favorite piece of the tote. Sam Edelman is one of my favorite designers so I wore the heck out of this necklace! I actually ended up wearing this outfit out with some girlfriends for drinks that night and also to work the next day!

Look 2: Rock On

As some of you may know, my fiance, Daniel, and I live in Nashville where there are plenty of concerts to go around! This night Daniel and his band were playing at a local venue so I figured why not market for them as well as Le Tote! Win win! I turned this blazer into a rocker vibe by tying one of their band tee’s up under it with high waisted skinnies. I liked the pale blue over all black but wanted to add one more color just to switch it up. These brown booties are one of my favorite pairs of shoes and I wear them a lot to concerts. They’re stylish and comfortable for those long nights on my feet!

Look 3: Loving Layers

I’ve been eyeing this sweater for quite some time on Le Tote and I finally added it to my tote for this month! Like I said I wear a lot of darker/neutral colors for work so I put this outfit together for my day of painting faces! I love this tule dress that I actually found at our local Goodwill and wanted to wear it this day so I threw this slouchy Kensie sweater over it and fell in love! Usually when I wear this dress, it’s the one getting the compliments but instead, the sweater stole the show! It’s so unique and the fabric is so soft that it can easily be paired with multiple looks. When first looking at it you wouldn’t think it could be dressed up per-say but I beg to differ. I loved dressing it up!

Look 4: Nikes > everything

Now this outfit is my favorite by far, it’s right up my alley. Casual! I wore this on a Saturday of brunching and shopping with the ladies. I had my favorite “Rolling Stones” t-shirt on as well as another pair of high waisters. I loved how the day before I wore this with a dress and tights and the next I was able to wear it with my nikes and a tee! It ended up being fairly hot this day so I tied the sweater around my waist for a casual cool vibe.

Look 5: For the love of fringe

I loved this outfit as well! I put this together for church Sunday morning and decided to keep the sweater open instead of tying it up. It still had it’s looseness to it that I love but it almost didn’t even look like the same sweater! And this fringe bag completed the look! I wanted to keep the leather leggings amongst the mix to show that you don’t always have to worry about having completely different outfits for days of the week. You can always wear a lot of the same pieces or same color scheme by tweaking it just a bit with different pieces and no one would ever know!

I challenge you to put together as many outfits as you can with your tote and rock it! Be it casual or dressy, whatever your style, let Le Tote help! 

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