LT Staffers Tell You How To Bump Up Your Style


The LT Mom Squad: Megan, Linnea, Ashley, Lauren and Spring

We know it’s hard to find time to hone your style when there’s a bun in the oven. That’s why we got the stylish mothers in Le Tote to answer some FAQs. Enjoy the read, get inspired and bump up your style! 

blake mat1

Blake Lively shows us how to be stylish with a baby on board!

What is the one piece of style advice you wish someone gave you while you were pregnant?

Spring C, Design: I wish someone had told me back then to continue dressing up and not to give up on style just because you are pregnant! When you are expecting a baby, it’s very easy to feel that you don’t have style anymore but it’s important to know that you can still be stylish with a pregnant body and be as beautiful — if not more. 

What’s a common maternity style misconception you’ve noticed?

Lauren M, Marketing: I feel a lot of women are really excited to show off their bump but the problem is that all bumps are not that impressive till much later on. In my case, that happened in the sixth or seventh month. 

What was your go-to look during pregnancy in the daytime and nights out?

Ashley R, Customer Loyalty: Dresses, dresses and even more dresses! found it so much easier to wear dresses and to layer them with tights and cardigans as opposed to pants and tops. Most of my clothes were pretty simple and versatile and that’s where statement necklaces came handy — they made me feel so trendy and were also the perfect way to make my wardrobe more interesting.

What was your top splurge and top save?

Lauren: My top splurge was good quality maternity jeans. I bought two pairs — one white and the other a dark wash. These were expensive but totally worth it; I lived in them. My top save would be all the times I shopped in my own closet! For instance, I would wear my classic pencil skirt with a sweater and it was so comfortable and felt dressy at the same time.

What are some flattering silhouettes if you want to hide the bump and if you want to flaunt the bump?

Megan G, Design: Shift dresses, ponchos, oversized sweaters, styles with a banded bottom, or styles that are made with more structured fabric (woven vs jersey) are great to hide the bump. To flaunt the bump, choose anything that is soft and stretchy like jersey and fitted!  Rouching on the sides of a tee or a dress gives a flattering fit around your new bump.

What was the biggest style challenge you faced during those 9 months?

Linnea M, Design: For me, the biggest style challenge was around the phase that I started to grow, the transition phase between regular clothes and maternity clothes — when your regular jeans don’t quite fit but you don’t need maternity jeans yet. For me, it was the fifth or sixth month. Once you surpass that, it gets less challenging.

pin col

Maxi skirts, cardigans and flip flops are always a good idea! Comfort comes first.

If you had to buy just three things during those 9 months, what would that be?

Linnea: Three things that I recommend are flips flops (fancy shoes sometimes don’t fit), lots of maxi skirts in easy and stretchy knit fabrics (comfort comes first) and cardigans (perfect to dress up or down your outfits).

What are some things you need to look out for while buying/renting maternity clothes?

Spring: It’s important to maintain a balance between classic  staple pieces and trendy fashion — you don’t want to get everything trendy or everything basic but balance of both so you can intermix them to create a variety of looks and outfits. I wish I had a service like Le Tote when I was pregnant to be able to rent maternity clothes and get an opportunity to explore more fashion options. Back then, I would go to the thrift store because I didn’t want to spend too much money on clothes I wouldn’t wear for too long. While purchasing or renting maternity clothes, it’s always a good idea to look out for items that have a good stretch. Your body changes and you should invest in silhouettes that easily grow with you. Embrace your pregnant body, realize its beauty and then accentuate your shape. This is most important.

mat coll

What are 10 things that are a pregnant woman’s BFF?

Megan: Snoogle body pillow, bra extender, cocoa butter, basic stretchy tees and tanks, skinny jeans with elastic waistband, a long cardigan, jersey dresses, wireless bras, sparkling lemonade and a great date night dress. In no particular order!

What pieces make the most effortless transition from maternity to new mommydom?

Ashley: Tunics, super stretchy tops, and leggings. These were all items that I could wear during my pregnancy, and after I had my daughter. It made it much easier to make that transition, while I lost my pregnancy weight.

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