Per-suede your style!

Suede is having a major moment. Here are some outfit ideas to per-suede you! 

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 3.38.14 PM

A tan suede mini skirts, a fringe suede vest or a suede jacket. If you are the trendy sorts, chances are your #ootd has featured at least one of these in the last few days. Here are some quick outfit ideas if you haven’t stepped out in suede yet:

Suede as a third piecesuedecollage

This faux suede vest is such a style statement! It’s the perfect third piece that takes any outfit from basic to basically whoa. Throw it over jeans and a boho blouse for an interesting 70s inspired look, your LBD and boots for an outdoorsy weekend or your jeggings and staple black top and add an extra edge to your simple work look.

 Suede + denimsuedecollage2

If all suede feels a bit much to you, denim is the answer. Pair a suede jacket or top with jeans or recreate the look above with a feminine faux suede dress and this dark wash denim jacket. Throw in a scarf and you have a perfect pre-spring #ootd.

Suede + fringesuedecollage1

Suede and fringe are a match made in style heaven. Plus, the double whammy photographs so well for Instagram!  What’s not to love!

And here are some Le Tote items to per-suede you!

PS:  Suede can be tough to take care of so here’s a couple of things to keep in mind: You can remove greasy stains on suede by sprinkling baby powder or bicarbonate of soda. Leave it overnight and dust off. You can also refresh your worn-out suede pieces with a toothbrush by softly scrubbing.

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